Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 24V AquaJet Pro Kit

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Silicon Solar’s 24V AquaJet Solar Pump Kit is the best solar water pump system on the market.  Built with commercial-grade, high-quality solar components and all water tight connections, the Aqua Jet 24V Fountain Pump Kit is perfect for almost any remote solar pump application.

  • Solar Panel: 20W Mono crystalline
  • Dry-run protection: Yes
  • Variable Operating Voltage: 12V – 24V
  • Battery Backup: Yes
  • Max Water Lift: 10.5 Feet
  • Max Flow Rate: 412.1 Gallons per hour
  • Free shipping in the continental US
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AquaJet Night & Day Solar Fountain Pump System

Bring your backyard to life with the exclusive AquaJet 24V Pro solar pump kit made by Silicon Solar. The proprietary design let’s you stay in control of your water pump system. Each kit includes integrated battery and control electronics to keep your pump running when the sun goes down or when you have cloudy weather.

Trusted since 1999.

Since 1999 we’ve helped new and existing customers with their backyard water projects. The AquaJet series is exclusively manufactured Silicon Solar. Shop factory direct and save.

Plug and play.

Don’t worry about the setup. Our solar pump kits work directly out of the box. Find a sunny place in your backyard and a hidden location for your power box. We provide different wire extension kits depending on the distance you need. Have questions on which pump to use? Give us a call to speak with one of our experts.

Above – easy to adjust power and flow dials. From these dials, you can decide to turn your pump to “operate daytime only, nighttime, or night and day”. Additionally we have a setting which turns the fountain on every 15 mins in 1 hr intervals, excellent for plant watering projects.

What our customers say 🙂

Easy and reliable setup.

  • Included quick disconnect cables
  • Dry run protection solar pump
  • Battery backup for cloudy / overcast weather
  • Made by Silicon Solar
  • Weatherproof power center enclosure
  • Integrated MPPT solar controller
  • Efficient low light level solar cells
  • Adjustable pump power output

Tech Specs

Silicon Solar’s 24V AquaJet Solar Pump Kit is the best solar water pump system on the market.  Built with commercial-grade, high-quality solar components, and all water-tight connections, the Aqua Jet 24V Fountain Pump Kit is perfect for almost any remote solar pump application.  This hard-working, powerful solar pump kit is ideal for water fountains, waterfalls, fish ponds, greenhouse water irrigation, or your own creative landscaping design!  You’ll never have to worry about connecting your water feature to an existing power source as the AquaJet will function in rural and stand-alone situations.


  • Garden Decor Waterfall System
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Green House Irrigation
  • Fish Ponds
  • Run up to 100ft Away (tubing)
  • Durable Long Lasting Solar Pump
  • Strong High Output Solar Panel
  • Includes  Fountain Heads
  • Adjustable Flow Knob / Dry Run Protection Feature
  • Automatic Timer (saves battery when you don’t want to run it at night)
  • Real Battery Back Up for Night/Overcast Operation (Properly Sized)
  • Brushless Pump for Maximum Reliability
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Note:   1/2″ tubing not included (we offer under the accessories tab).

NOTE: Preorders are allowed.

  • Max Water Lift: 10.5 Feet
  • Max Flow Rate: 412.1 Gallons per hour
  • Tubing size: 1/2″ Inner Diameter Vinyl Tubing (not provided, but available under accessories)
  • Need a pump filter bag? Click here for the compatible pump filter bag
  • Manufactured by Silicon Solar

The above curve shows the relationship between pump head (in feet) and the flow rate (in gallons per hour). By controlling the flow rate, the pump is able to put a variable amount of power towards pushing the water upwards. The higher the flow rate is set, the lower the overall head height will be. This is useful for sizing if a particular pump can be adjusted to fit your particular fountain and how it will perform for your specific application.

  • Solar Panel: 20W Crystalline (20.38″ x 13.94″ x 1.06″)
  • Operating Output Voltage to Pump: 12V – 24V
  • Battery Backup: 12V
  • Cord Length: 10 Feet (Panel to Battery) and 16.4 Feet (Battery to Pump) For longer distances, we offer a 16 ft wire extension. 
  • Ground Stake with Screws to Secure to Panel
  • Manufactured by Silicon Solar

Operating Times with battery backup:

  • Sunny Direct South Facing Solar Panel Position: Low: 4-6 hours, Med: 3-4 hours, High: 1-2 hours. (after sundown)
  • Partly Cloudy Direct South Solar Panel Position:  Low: 1-2 hours , Med: 1 hours, High: <1 hours. (after sundown)
  • Sunny East or West Facing Solar Panel Position: Low: 2-3 hours, Med: 1-2 hours, High: 1 hours. (after sundown)
  • Partly Cloudy East or West Facing Solar Panel Position:  Low: 1 hours , Med: 1 hours, High: <1 hours. (after sundown)

Note: We recommend adding one of our solar panel expansion kits if you have an area where you received unobstructed east and west facing sunshine. To add a solar panel kit, you will also need our Y-connector for plug and play. Above operating times are with single panel. Double the operating times by doubling your solar panel size.


We've put together some videos and photos from our customers and staff on ways you can build-out your water feature to incorporate  our solar pumps. We hope you will enjoy!
Solar Fountain Pump Kit


Looking to add a little aeration to your backyard pond or birdbath? Our solar pump kits are practical solutions to keep your water features healthy.

Pond Aeration Sizing

How many gallons do you want to aerate?How much flow do you need? (GPH)Recommended ModelBattery Backup
Less than 100 gallons40AquaJet 6V KitNo
100 - 320 gallons80AquaJet Pro 9VYes
321 - 1000 gallons400AquaJet Pro 24V KitYes
321 - 1000 gallons400AquaJet Pro 12 - 24V KitNo
1001- 2000 gallons650AquaJet 24V XLV1No
1001- 2000 gallons650AquaJet 24V XLV2Yes
2001- 6000 gallons1500AquaJet MaxFlowNo*
Need more flow? We have larger custom pump kits available on request. Contact us for more information.
Solar Pond Aeration


Have an existing water fountain you want to move away from the house without having a long extension cord and electric bill? Our solar pump kits are practical and cost effective solutions for retrofitting your fountain or landscape ponds.

Retrofit your existing water fountain

How much lift do you need?How much flow do you need? (GPH)Recommended ModelBattery Backup
Up to 24 inches40AquaJet 6V KitNo
Up to 48 inches80AquaJet Pro 9VYes
Up to 10 feet400AquaJet Pro 24V KitYes
Up to 10 feet400AquaJet Pro 12 - 24V KitNo
Up to 10 feet650AquaJet 24V XLV1No
Up to 10 feet650AquaJet 24V XLV2Yes
Up to 10 feet1500AquaJet MaxFlowNo*
Need more flow? We have larger custom pump kits available on request. Contact us for more information.


Building a waterfall in your backyard can be a fun project when you don't have to worry about paying an electric bill for operating your water pump or hiring an electrician to install underground wiring and conduit from your home's power supply. We offer simple, safe, and cost effective solutions for bringing your backyard waterfall project to life.

Solar Waterfall Sizing Guide

Waterfall Max LiftWaterfall Flow (GPH)Recommended ModelBattery Backup
Up to 10 feet400AquaJet Pro 24V KitYes
Up to 10 feet400AquaJet Pro 12 - 24V KitNo
Up to 10 feet650AquaJet 24V XLV1No
Up to 10 feet650AquaJet 24V XLV2Yes
Up to 10 feet1500AquaJet MaxFlowNo*
Need more flow? We have larger custom pump kits available on request. Contact us for more information.


Need help replacing or cleaning your solar water pump? We have a selection of quick and easy videos to see how you can take apart your water pumps for cleaning. We've also prepare further troubleshooting videos and steps for various solar pumps here.

DIY increase your water pumps solar power

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Solar Pond Aeration & Fountain Project

Converting the backyard pond with an AquaJet series solar pump kit Below you'll find a quick overview of how we converted an old "plug-in" style water pump with a AquaJet Pro 24V night and day solar pump kit made by Silicon Solar. If you're interested in a building a solar powered waterfall, check out this [...]

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No tools required. Phillips head screw driver is recommended (in event you would like to replace battery in future).

Installs in <10 minutes

  • Electronics & Enclosure: 1 year
  • Water Pump: 1 year
  • Solar Panel: 15 year
  • Battery: 6 months (normal life is 3-5 years depending on climate and proper storage when not being used).

How to extend battery lifespan: 

If you live in a place that has snow, we suggest to store your battery during the winter time to extend the battery lifespan. Simple keep the battery box inside (doesn’t need to be connected to the pump, just connect to the solar panel). Like all batteries, this will let your battery last 50% longer vs. leaving in the old all winter.

What stops working? 

The AquaJet series kit is a plug and play kit which requires minimum maintenance. The most common claim related issue relates to the batteries needing to be replaced (like all batteries, they do need to be replaced). This is an easy process, we offer replacement batteries, and it takes about 10 minutes to change the battery safely.

The solar panel: we have units in operation over 15 years. You won’t have any issues with the solar panels.

The pump: Like all pumps, they need to have the debris cleaned out of them from time to time. Since its a brushless pump, its easy to take apart the plastic parts which can get dirty /clogged. Aside from the debris, we have less than 0.01% claims on the actual pump itself.

DIY Corner – View some project applications of the AquaJet Pro 24V Solar Pump Kit

Yes, this pump is fresh and salt water capable.

Yes, this pump comes with two (2) different heads & the pump has variable speed dial on side to control flow rate.

No, this is a plug and go pump system.

Yes! The batteries can be easily replaced after 3-4 years (depends on use).

The solar pump has a built in battery back + controller to allow for operation even when the sun goes down.

With our adjustable flow features on both the power controls + a adjustable flow control on the individual pump, you can “tune” your AquaJet solar pump kit to your application. If you want more / less flow, simply adjust the flow dials.

We have a limited number of authorized re-sellers. Please note that products not authorized to sell the AquaJet series will not receive a product warranty.

90% of the available water pumps used in home and garden fountain applications lack a key technology, “dry run protection”. If you are traveling or just forget to fill your water fountain / pond with additional water, your pump run run dry (without dry run protection). Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned dry-run protection is the only way to build a water pump for long lasting use and durability.

More about the AquaJet 24V Pump Kit

The AquaJet 24V Solar Water Fountain Kit Night and Day is the perfect pump for most applications. It is completely Solar so no electric to worry about. The kit comes complete, so you do not have to buy individual pieces for your water feature. The pump is a simple design to allow customers to use it in many different applications – water fountains, ponds, waterfalls or just about any other garden design you can think of.

The AquaJet 24V Solar Water Fountain Kit Night and Day is one of the most reliable and durable pumps on the market today. Silicon Solar is proud to offer this great pump to our customers.

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in
Operating Voltage:


Pump Dimension:

5.1" X 3.4" X 2.8" w/spout

Battery Backup:

YES – 12V

Max Flow Rate:

412.1 GPH

Cable Length (Pump to Battery Box):

16.4 ft

Adjustable Flow:


Dry Run Protected:



AquaJet Pro

Kit Warranty

1 Year

Battery Warranty

6 Months

18 reviews for Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 24V AquaJet Pro Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rebecca- New City, NY

    WOW! These guys use a large solar panel! The solar panel also is connected to a low voltage disconnect; which prevents the battery from being discharged too low during operation. Most solar products does not have this feature, resulting in the battery lasting only a few hours.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Roger India

    Purchased for small barrel fountain to replace the existing AC pump. Happy with performed of the system. Thank you.

  3. 5 out of 5

    James- Kansas City

    Purchased for my small landscape pond. Works great, had to toggle the flow speed on the pump to optimize for maximum run time at night. Works well if you set the settings correctly. If your battery dies, this is just because the solar panel is not receiving enough sunlight during the day.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Patrick – Stamford, CT

    Purchased with the 9V pump kit, both work great. Small water features; would be interested in a custom option for higher lift and more flow.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Anna Smith

    Great product will buy more soon!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Shanti D.

    It looks like a higher quality than the one I had too. Very pleased I am so happy that I purchase this water pump

  7. 5 out of 5

    Trina S.

    Great pump. It worked fine it is perfectly running.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Wheelie Y.

    Amazing design that is powerful enough for a waterfall and filtering. Very easy to clean

  9. 5 out of 5

    Mitch Q.

    The solar pump kit works great! This solar panel system was perfect and easy to set up!

  10. 5 out of 5

    Drew H.

    Exceptional solar pump that packs a lot of features. Excellent value for the price. I may be ordering several of these pumps soon!

  11. 5 out of 5

    Whitney R.

    I would say the result of this solar pump looks very promising. Great item!

  12. Mike smith

    This AquaJet-Pro-Kit-24V-V1 helps my pond from having algae. This product is very reliable and lasts long. I will be buying more.

  13. Imran Z

    I really love this product. It works both ways. I can us it as a fountain and I can also use it as a waterfall. I will try your other products too.

  14. 4 out of 5

    Nicole S

    reliable and very affordable.

  15. 5 out of 5

    Larry .M

    We Bought two units of this product. Loving the kit and please I do recommend it to more people.

  16. 4 out of 5


    The sound is sooo soothing and you have the ability to increase or decrease the flow of water.

  17. 4 out of 5


    Silicon Solar is an awesome company.I’ve never been soo impressed with a product or company!

  18. 4 out of 5


    Needless to say, Perfect pump.Good buy

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