Commercial Solar Sign Lighting, LEDs Interior & Exterior

Finding the right solar sign light for your project.

Are you in the market for solar sign lighting products? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right place! Whether you’re seeking to illuminate a community monument, a business sign, or any general outdoor signage, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service, and we’re backed by decades of experience. Since 1999, we’ve been crafting solar sign lighting systems that are not only reliable but also easy to install. Our track record speaks for itself – we’ve sold over 10,000 solar sign lighting systems across the globe.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for a bespoke solution, we can cater to your needs. We provide both custom and ready-made solutions, ensuring that every customer finds a product that perfectly aligns with their requirements.

Entrance & Monument Lights

Our GenLight series solar sign lighting systems include both out of the box and self install units to custom sign lights depending on light intensity, climate, and sign size.

GenLight Sizing Options: 

  • Sign Size Range: (6 ft x 10 ft) to (10 ft x 15 ft) interior or exterior surface signage
  • Cost effective commercial grade: Cost effective high output solar lighting
  • Integrated Controls: Integrated controls, battery and fixtures

Solar Billboard Lights

Our EnviroLight solar billboard lighting systems are a 100% custom design solution for your project. We provide lighting solutions for all climates and environments, Made in the USA.

EnviroLight Sizing Options: 

  • Sign Size Range: Large than 12 x 15 ft
  • Custom mounting options: custom made based on sign requirements
  • Custom Light Fixtures: Custom LED color and intensity

Solar Real Estate Sign Lights

Inventor and creator of the SunPal series solar real estate sign lighting kits, we offer a flexible range of simple yet effective real estate sign lights for your business.

SunPal Sizing Options: 

  • Sign Size Range: (2ft x 4ft) to (2ft x 6ft), versatile spot lights
  • Cost effective: plug and play cost effective lighting
  • Purpose built: Engineered for real estate signs

Popular Solar Sign Lights

Years Experience
Custom Solar Solutions

Solar Sign Lighting Solutions

If you’re looking at a lighting solution for your communities monument sign, business sign, or general outdoor surface lighting, then you’ve come to the right place. With over 10,000 solar sign lighting systems sold and deployed over the last 20 years, we offer our customers both custom and out of the box solutions depending on their budget and product application.

Our facilities are located in Upstate New York where we manufacturing, test and ship our built to order solar lighting kits. We maintain our own warehouses, not a 3rd party facility to ensure prompt delivery.

Interested in visiting? Customers are always welcome to our facility to view some of our solar lighting products in use at our training center.

Selecting the Right Solar Sign Light

Sign DimensionsRecommended LightQuantity Needed
2′ x 4′


(Made in the USA)

2′ x 8′2
4′ x 4′1
4′ x 8′2
# of SidesMax Sign DimensionsRecommended LightQuantity
14′ x 8′PatioPal-28LED1
24′ x 8′PatioPal-28LED2
110′ x 14′Genlight-12v-120LED-V11
210′ x 14′


(Made in USA)

Sign typeRecommended LightQuantity
4×4 post styleSunPal-2x or SunPal-4x1 or 2
Metal FrameSunPal-2x1
Commercial SignGenlight-12v-120LED-V11
Open House SignVaries

Not sure? Need help, we are here to help. Just give us a call.

If you want to use your own LED lights our technicians will need to review the specifications to verify which custom build solution will work for your project.

Solar Sign Light Request

Depending on the light fixture we can design a solar lighting system to utilize your existing light fixtures.

Our technicians are available M-F 9AM – 5PM to assist you with your requirements.

We typically produce our standard solar sign lights (GenLight 4x) in one week depending on the production lead time.

We are located in Central New York. Cold weather is our expertise. All lights are designed and sized with your location in mind.

Yep! We can maximize the solar lights performance based on how long you require your light to operate during the night.

Yes, we have a custom manufacturing facility to make sure you receive the best product for your sign lighting application.

Why Us?

We are Experienced

As an established solar provider with over 20 years of experience, we stand out from our competitors by offering reliable solar sign lighting solutions.

We are Fast

We maintain our own manufacturing and warehouse facility in Upstate New York where all products are shipped. All custom solar sign lighting systems go through an in-house testing procedure before they are shipped to our customers.

We are Passionate

Our goal is to deliver our customers the best solution built by a team of passionate professionals that strive for customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as your lighting fixture is in good condition, we can adjust the power system to your old lights.

Yes, we can design a solar power system to use your own lighting fixture.

Yes, your system will be properly designed to your requirements.

Yes, all systems are designed based on the project location, load power and, working hours per day.

Yes, for internally sign lighting check out our GenLight Series or contact our Sales Team.

Yes, for externally sign lighting check out our EnviroLight Series or contact our Sales Team.

All custom systems are designed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Mostly system voltage is 12V (Safe DC Low Voltage), but in the custom projects we design it individually and it varies based on the project requirements.

All Silicon Solar Kits are Plug and Play systems. You will get an almost already built system. All you need to do is to install Solar Panel Mounting towards the sun and plug labeled connectors.

Please contact our Sales Team, they will help you to choose the best solution for your needs or redirect the project to our engineering department when a custom solution is needed.

The Off-grid solar power systems are not connected to the electrical grid. Instead, the electric energy generated by Solar Panels is used for current needs and its surplus is efficiently stored in battery packs for future use.

We can program it for you to operate in determining periods of the day when the lights are ON. We can design for you Dusk to dawn, exact hours, or any different standard working hour. If you want to have flexible working hours, we can equip your system with manually setting up working hours that can be changed anytime you want.

The size of the battery backup is individually calculated based on the power needs and scope of working hours. When designing the system for you we will point out the enclosure size needed in your case.

Every custom system is being designed individually in accordance with the customer’s needs. We will ask you about hours/days of autonomy in the process of designing your custom sign lighting system.

Every custom system is being designed individually in accordance with the customer requirements. We will ask you about this value to properly design a lighting system for you.

All lights used in the projects are high-efficient LED lights.

The standard Solar Panels Mounting that we provide is the side of the pole mounting, which is easy to self-installing. The standard Solar Panels Mounting allows being installed on the side of the sign as well if the sign has enough good construction and dimensions. We also design different Solar Mountings options in accordance with the customer’s needs.

It is always individually calculated based on the power requirements of the system.

Trader Joe's Solar Sign Light

The Trader Joe’s at the Huntington Harbour Mall in Huntington, CA needed a new sign lighting system after a major power failure. After looking for a traditional electrical solution (finding price tags between $13,000 – $14,000), D.D. Dunlap Companies, the owner of the property, settled on a solar sign lighting system from Silicon Solar.

With a total price tag (including installation) of under $ 4,500, the new solar lighting system consists of a modified EnviroLight 2X solar sign lighting system and genX LED strip lights.

Because of their green image, Trader Joe’s is extremely with the choice to go with a solar sign lighting solution.

Financial Details
Solar Materials Cost$ 3610
Installation Cost$ 500
Total Project Cost$ 4110
Federal Incentives$ 0
State / Local Incentives$ 0
Calculated Payback2 Years

Getting started with solar sign lights

  • What size sign / area are you trying to illuminate?: Our solar sign lights are rated to provide you with an approximate area they will illuminate.
  • What color light do you want (white, amber, colored?): All lights have a specific color spectrum, be sure to select the right one for your project
  • Do you have a location to install the solar panel? Depending on your location we offer different lighting solutions with solar panels which can be mounted with the lighting fixture or remotely positioned.
  • Call and speak with one of our technicians! We have sold over 10,000 units of solar sign lights. Let our experts help determine which light is suitable for your application.

Selecting a Solar Billboard Light

  • Why Should You Choose EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights For Your Next Billboard Lighting Project? Here Are Just A Few Reasons:
    • Best value of all solar billboard lighting options
    • Industry-leading warranties on all EnviroLight systems
    • Unmatched technical support & service
    • Certified & UL/cUL Listed components & designs

About Us

A short guide about us.

Sizing Guide

Solar sign light sizing guide form.

Solar Sign Light Reference Projects

Sidney NY Town Sign GenLight System

The town of Sidney, NY is the birthplace of Silicon Solar. Therefore, Silicon Solar founders Adam Farrell and Matt Farrell have donated a third generation GenLight 108LED solar sign light to the town for their town entrance sign. The entrance sign previously had a traditional electric lighting system installed, which costs the town roughly $217.56 a year in electric use charges. Now with the new GenLight 108 LED on their entrance sign they will save $2175.60 in electric costs (this...

Trader Joe’s Solar Sign Lighting

The Trader Joe's at the Huntington Harbour Mall in Huntington, CA needed a new sign lighting system after a major power failure. After looking for a traditional electrical solution (finding price tags between $13,000 - $14,000), D.D. Dunlap Companies, the owner of the property, settled on a solar sign lighting system from Silicon Solar.With a total price tag (including installation) of under $ 4,500, the new solar lighting system consists of a modified EnviroLight 2X solar sign lighting system and...

Ommegang Brewery GenLight 4X Solar Sign Light

A Genlight-4x custom lighting kit was used to light up the sign at the Ommegang Brewery right before Christmas.  The system immediately saved the customer money by offering them an alternative to running power out to the sign from the grid.  The difference in material cost of the Genlight-4x and the proposed installation of running power from the grid to the sign was already well over $1000 in favor of the Genlight.  After the installation Adam continues to save approximately...


Myth: Solar Lighting is more expensive.
Reality: The initial investment in solar lighting may be higher than a traditional lighting system (though not always). But when you look at the operational costs of solar lighting vs. traditional lighting (namely the rising price of electricity), solar lighting systems are incredibly cheap. In fact, a good solar lighting kit can completely pay for itself in energy savings in a few months to a few years.

Myth: Solar Lighting is unreliable
Reality: Today’s solar panels and solar energy kits are very reliable and efficient due to significant leaps forward in modern technology. Even in locations where cloudy weather is quite common, solar power and solar lighting can still be very reliable. In fact, Germany, a nation with cloudy weather comparable to that of Seattle or Alaska, generates more than 50% of its total power from solar resources.

Myth: Harsh Weather will destroy Solar Panels.
Reality: Solar panels and solar products have been used for years (decades, really) in cold, harsh northern climates. For instance, our offices in upstate NY make use of solar lighting, solar electric power, solar pumping and solar heating technologies. Similarly, northern schools such as Harvard and Yale have operated them for years with little to no maintenance required due to inclement weather. Today’s solar technology allows us to create more reliable solar lighting systems that work in all climates, not just sunny, warm southern ones


  • Eliminate the costs & hassle of installing sign and flood lighting. You will never need an electrician to install or service your solar sign light and you’ll never have to trench buried wires to and from your sign light.
  • LED lighting is brighter, has a longer lifespan and uses less power than comparable incandescent and halogen lighting.
  • Running a solar sign light doesn’t cost you a dime! That means absolutely NO monthly electric bill! You simply won’t believe the amount of money solar sign lighting will save you.
  • All of our sign lighting options are 100% solar powered! That makes them great for your budget and great for the environment at the same time.
  • Never worry about remembering to turn your sign lights ON/OFF again! Using the latest in photo-eye technology, our solar sign lights turn themselves ON automatically at dusk and OFF automatically when the sun comes up in the morning.
  • You’ll be doing a small part to help keep our environment clean and livable. Every time we use solar power instead of traditional power sources, we preserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and keep the Earth (and our air) a little bit cleaner!
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