Solar Spot & Flood Lights

Solar garden spot lights from Silicon Solar are the perfect complement to your existing solar garden and landscape lighting, as well as to the other features in your garden or yard. Each of our solar garden spot lights is designed to illuminate small and medium garden and landscape features at night.

Some popular applications for solar garden spot lights include:

Fountains & other water features
Small flags
Garden statues and figurines
Prize winning flowers & bushes
& much, much more
Silicon solar focused on solar spot lighting several years ago when we came across a customer who wanted to simply illuminate a small 5 x 7 ft sign and he was moving his locating from South Carolina to New York. Each light he had installed underground and had to re-dig requiring extra time out of his move to be wasted on some high density incandescent bulbs. With our solar spot lights placed on the side of his existing conventional spot light, there was barely any difference. Only thing that stood out was the long cords lying around in circles making our solar spot light look like some garden light from the future.

He was sold. Not only on using our high output solar garden lights, but promoting the use of the solar garden lights to his surrounding neighbors who also had the same needs.

Let us help you fix your problems you face year after year with high energy cost and maintenance. We’re here to help!

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