Solar Powered LED Flood Light 1000 Lumen Ultra Bright Sign Light


Our GenLight 2X LED solar sign and floodlight is built on reliable solar energy technology and customer feedback since it’s an invention in 2001. Made with Ultra Bright high-efficiency LEDs and compact solar panels.

  • Great for lighting billboards, trees, structures, walls, large area entrances, and pathways
  • Integrated battery, controller, and light fixture – save space and install time
  • Great for lighting up 30-50 square feet per light
  • Li-Ion next-gen battery storage and controller (2x the lifespan)
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Plug and Play Solar Sign Lighting Kit

The next generation of GenLight solar sign light kit utilizes high efficiency LEDs and PWM lighting control circuitry for improving it’s energy efficiency. In 2001 the first GenLight solar sign light was manufactured in upstate New York. Today, we’ve captured the years of technology and customer feedback into our new and improved GenLight-2x.

Performance solar lighting.

20 years of solar lighting experience packaged into one plug and play GenLight. The GenLight is an easy direct replacement for lighting most monument and entrance signs.

Let's make planning easy.

We believe in sharing our experience with our customers so they can have the benefit and a smooth experience when purchasing a solar sign lighting system. View our engineering and site planning guide to help integrate with your sign lighting project (click the image below). If you need a custom solar sign lighting system, click here to submit our sign lighting request form.

All in one solution

Integrated battery, controller, and floodlight simplifies installation and maintenance.

Hear what our customers say.

Like any business, customers are #1. We look beyond just selling a product and focus on the total customer experience to make sure the product we recommend successfully meets their projects expectations. We take pride in both our work and customers – let us help you on your next solar sign lighting project.

Easily setup in minutes.

  • Including ground anchors (mounting)
  • Tilt mounting kit for solar panel
  • Integrated battery & light fixture
  • Automatic dusk – dawn operation
  • Suitable for warm and cold climates
  • Waterproof design
  • 3 year warranty
  • 20% efficient solar cells
  • Commercial grade solar panel
  • Free technical support

Free shipping in the continental US.

Tech Specs

Our GenLight 2X LED solar sign and flood light is the most advanced, easy-to-use, and popular commercial solar lighting system on the market today.

Since its first generation, the GenLight has proven to be one of the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective investments available.  The GenLight 2X solar sign & flood light features a patent pending design and generates more than 150W of light output all night, every night.

  • Great for lighting billboards, trees, structures, walls, large area entrances, and pathways
  • Requires light assembly 15 minute installation
  • Like all solar lights, the batteries will need to be replaced after 3-5 years. We offer replacement batteries which require 10-15 minutes and basic screwdrivers for changing out the battery inside of the light fixture.
  • Very durable housing (cast and powder-coated aluminum)  with commercial grade solar panel
  • On/off switch
  • Capable of lighting 15 ft x 10 ft signage

When you invest in the GenLight 2X:

  • Eliminate the installation costs and hassle of your sign & flood lighting.
  • No electric bill.  Because the GenLight 2X is completely solar powered there is absolutely no monthly electric use or charge to run it – this can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of your GenLight 2X.
  • Automatic dusk till dawn operation (integrated controller).  The GenLight uses today’s latest photo-eye technology to deliver 100% automatic operation – once installed your GenLight will turn on automatically every night and off to recharge every day.

The power source for the GenLight-2X is a high efficiency solar panel. Worried about having more power? We offer additional solar power ad-on’s if you have a location which is not receiving enough sun exposure.

  • Solar Panel: 13″ x 11″ x 3.5″
  • Solar Panel Type: 20% efficiency mono-crystalline.
  • Solar Panel: 5lbs
  • Solar Panel Wattage: 10W
  • Solar Panel Type: Tempered glass with anodized aluminum frame
  • Solar Panel Upgrade Power: Yes, can add additional panel below
  • Manufacturer: Silicon Solar
  • Brand: GenLight

Each GenLight-2X contains an integrated light fixture with the LEDs, charging & power electronics, and storage battery.

  • Light Fixture: 11″ x 9″ x 3.5″
  • Light Fixture Weight: 13.8lbs
  • Light Fixture Material: Cast and powder coated aluminum
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP65
  • Lighting Circuit Efficiency: 85%
  • Lumen output per fixture: 1000 (150 watt equivalent)
  • Temperature: 5000k
  • Headlight Protection (prevents light from turning off when car drives by): Yes
  • Light Operation Duration (Dusk till dawn): 14 hours
  • Storage Battery Technology: Lithium Ion
  • Storage Battery Replaceable: Yes

Each GenLight-2X is pre-assembled out of the box. The only power connection is a plug and play connector (for connecting the solar panel to the light fixture housing). Once plugged in, just push the on / off switch for automatic charging and operation of the light.

Solar Fixture Installation

Depending on how you are mounting the solar light fixture, (to concrete, wood, or steel), different amounts of preparation time will be required. Each light fixture is made with a U bracket (see photos), which makes it easy to fasten to any surface or material.

Installation Time: 10-60 minutes

Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel includes a tilt mounting kit. If you are looking to install your solar panel on the side of a pole, we recommend our side of pole mounting kit which is located in our “mounting” accordion below.

Installation Time: 10-60 minutes

Yes, the light can be mounted on a post or building.

We offer a selection of galvanized steel and aluminum poles for mounting purposes. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Yes, we offer extra solar panels for delivering more power to your solar sign light. Simply contact our sales team to select the right size solar panel for your project.

Yes, we offer replacement batteries. Please contact our sales team to place an order for replacement batteries.

Yes, this light has an auto feature that will come on at dusk and go off at dawn.

Each light has a built in delay timer to ensure the light does not turn off when exposed to car lights.

Yes. We see the section under “mounting options” where we indicate the accessories needed for mounting to a flag pole.

1. 120 Ultra-Bright LEDs

Our high-intensity white LEDs deliver consistent light at a beautiful wide-angle coverage of your sign at night (reduces “hotspots”

2. Weatherproof Aluminum Body

Rugged enough to stand up to the toughest climates including cold, northern winters, the GenLight 2X lasts for years

3. Manual ON/OFF Switch

Simple on / off switch (for servicing / storage)

4. Light Fixture Mounting Bracket

Quickly and securely mount the light fixture to a post or wall with the adjustable, heavy-duty mounting bracket

5. High-Efficiency Solar Panel

The included mono-crystalline solar panel delivers high-efficiency, reliable and power and rugged performance

6. Solar Panel Mounting Frame

Tilt mount the solar panel on a roof or the ground with the included, heavy-duty mounting frame in only a few moments

Below are a few different ways to mount your GenLight-2X solar sign lighting kit. If you want to mount your solar panel to a post / pole, we recommend using the side of pole mount. All mounting accessories below are manufactured in Upstate New York. If you have a custom mounting requirement, just let us know! We have a custom machine shop to handle most custom project requirements.

Solar Sign Light Sizing Guide

Below is a quick reference guide to help with selecting the right solar powered sign light for your project.

Custom Sign Lighting Request Form

Need additional help with sizing your sign light? We offer custom in-house made in the US sign lighting solutions for all solar sign lighting applications. Just give us a call or send us a message below. We respond within 30 minutes during normal business hours.

Solar Sign Light Request

Dual Post or Metal Frame Sign Light

SunPal-2X attaches to standard metal frame sign or post style sign. One light illuminates both sides of your sign. Manufactured since 2006 (Second generation).

Post Style Real Estate Sign Lights

Attaches to any post material. Installs in less than 5 minutes. Manufactured since 2006. Two available models, SunPal-4x and SunPal-4X Plus (newer generation).

Up to 10 x 15 ft Signage

Manufactured by Silicon Solar since 1999 (forth generation). Automatic dusk till dawn lighting control. 3 year warranty. Suitable for most monument sign lighting. Easy to install, several mounting options available. The Genlight-4X is Made in our New York facility.

4 x 4 ft Signage

The PatioPal-36 includes two dual spot lights (great for illuminating different points on your sign, depending on the length / width). Dusk till dawn operation (automatic). Provides suitable lighting for entrance signs, restaurant signs or business signs.

Billboard Signs Up to 12 x 15 ft

Our GenLight-4X series solar sign lighting kit includes two light fixtures (suitable for lighting up a 10 x 15 ft sign, depending on the distance from the sign). Made in New York, with smart solar timer system (lets you control when you want your solar sign light to turn on / off).

Billboard Sign Lighting Request Form (response within 30 minutes during normal business hours)

Backlit Sign Lighting

Now you can light up your backlit sign using the power of the sun. Most of our customers contact us prior to ordering online to verify they have enough power / lighting for their application. All lighting systems are Made in New York.

Backlit Sign Lighting Request Form (response within 30 minutes during normal business hours)

Solar Panel Warranty: 10 years

LED Flood Light: 3 years

Battery Warranty: 3 years

Do you offer replacement parts for the battery, solar panel and LED flood light? Yes we stock replacement components for repair and replacement after the warranty period.

Universal mounting options

Not sure where and how you want to mount your light? No problem. We offer easy to install mounting options for your GenLight light fixture and solar panel. All “electrical” connections are “plug and play” no need to cut wires or get involved with complex wiring.

Other Solar Sign Lights You May Like

We offer solar sign lighting for all sign types. Below are some of our favorites.

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Perfect for 3 x 4 ft signs or accent lighting around the home.

SunPal 4X

Perfect for 3 x 4 ft signs or accent lighting around the home.

SunPal 2X

Solar post sign lighting (or deck lighting). Designed for real estate size sign.

Additional information

Weight18.80 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 14 in

49 reviews for Solar Powered LED Flood Light 1000 Lumen Ultra Bright Sign Light

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    The item we purchased last time still works very well. Thank you for the good quality.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jim Sbarra

    The lights have been up for about 8 months now and are performing beautifully

  5. 4 out of 5

    Rowdy K.

    Great quality lights! These lights are pretty awesome for what they are

  6. 5 out of 5

    Rocky S.

    Perfect light set. This is my third set. I really enjoy the lights.

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    Reno J.

    I love these lights! They look great!

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    Highly recommend these outdoor solar lights!

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    Saint L.

    Phenomenal quality solar lights for a really great price.

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    I installed a pair of these on a church building pointed out to our parking lot and mounted the solar panels on the roof. So far they are doing what I wanted them to do

  13. 5 out of 5

    Ryker G.

    Best Solar Lights so far…

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    Very bright yard light! The light looks ugly/industrial, but very bright and industrial strength. Very solid build. Heavy feel.Well worth the money

  15. 4 out of 5

    Ryder H.

    Very happy with this light set!!! I am very pleased!!

  16. 5 out of 5

    Robert A.

    Thanks, Siliconsolar Team was very helpful to suggest these lights and I brought to units and they are working perfectly fine till now. Happy me as a customer.

  17. 5 out of 5


    I bought few other solar lights and had to return them because they were not bright as advertised
    and the motion sensor did not function properly. These new lights are bright as advertised and just what I expected. I bought one more after monitoring the result for a few days.

  18. 5 out of 5


    The other light works great. Very pleased. If you’re looking for a similar description of solar lights, don’t waste your time trying other. You’ll be happy with the quality and brightness of this product.

  19. 5 out of 5

    Jed K.

    I must say I was totally surprised when I saw that it was as bright as my hard wired light. I saved a bunch on an electrician and will be saving on my monthly electric bill going forward. Oh, and the quality is better too!

  20. 5 out of 5

    Anne S.

    I am extremely pleased with this product and it is serving the purpose for which I had purchased it.

  21. 5 out of 5


    Of the thousand solar lights I have purchased over the past few years to light up my very large and remote property, this light is by far THE BEST Well done, designer Silicon Solar!!

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    Keisha J.

    High-quality materials were used in the assembly of this light. No issues with items upon delivery as the light were well packaged. Light is very bright, especially for a solar light.

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    This is by far the best solar powered light available in the market. The build quality is excellent. Its not made of cheap plastic but rather industrial standard material.

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    I am so glad I made the decision to get this light instead of another I bought before. This light is so well made heavy duty and the battery is replaceable. This light seems to be a brighter and focused beam.

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    Trey L.

    They appear to be as bright as the lights used at construction sites or at soccer stadiums! I am extremely happy with the amount of light disbursed and the quality of the product. I highly recommend this solar light over any others currently offered in the market.

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    Sam M

    I bought this Genlight-12v-2X-V1 for our HOA sign and it really lights up our sign without any problems. I have also recommended this to other HOA’s and they loved it. We will be using this for our new signs in the future.

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    I purchased this light to install for a customer and the customer is very satisfied with the light. We were surprised as to how much light it put off since it is often difficult to translate lumens to what we see as physical brightness

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    Leo B

    High efficiency American made materials, so far they have been functioning as I have expected.

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    Good solar panel and bright lights. The lights and solar panels are great.

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    Highly advise this security light It was easy to install. Works great.

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    Great product! Great quality!

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    Bright and well worth the money They are bright and work fantastic!

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    Lira M

    Bright, and good quality! It came well pack and the instructions were pretty straightforward.

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    Annie L.

    Quality solar option. I love this light. it is a definite 5 stars.

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    Annalou T.

    Very strong lighting. I’ve already recommended them to friends and family members. Everyone commented how beautiful they are

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    Great quality great price. We bought two more and they were delivered promptly.

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