Guides Solar Water Pumping

DIY increase your water pumps solar power

Need more power for your water pump? No problem!

We've put together a few videos and guides on how you can improve the performance of your solar water pump kit. We have simple options from cutting / splicing your wires to using one of our simple plug and play adapters that allows you to increase the power of your water pump system. Need some inspiration for water projects using our solar water pump kits? See some examples...

Solar Pond Aeration & Fountain Project

Converting the backyard pond with an AquaJet series solar pump kit

Below you'll find a quick overview of how we converted an old "plug-in" style water pump with a AquaJet Pro 24V night and day solar pump kit made by Silicon Solar. If you're interested in a building a solar powered waterfall, check out this project. 

The details of the pond:

Existing AC Pump: 50 watts(much oversized) The goal?: Replace the existing AC pump which stopped working with the...

Water Features Retrofit with Solar Pump Kits

Ideas for retrofitting your existing water feature using our solar pump kits

We believe in sharing the many ways you can use our solar pump kits to retrofit your existing water feature. If you're looking at a standard water feature that is powered by a normal plug in pump, check out the examples below on how you can change your normal pump to a 100% solar powered solution with no electric bill or long extension cords.

Multi tier...

Customer Solar Water Features Examples

Examples from our customers on how they've used our solar pump kits

We've put together a short collage on how our customers have used their solar water pump kits to transform their garden projects. You can find the products used in each example linked below each video.

We have a few additional project guides below:

Build a solar waterfall using our AquaJet 24V pump kit Convert your backyard pond (300G) from a plug in pump to...

12 to 24V Solar Pump Kit Troubleshooting Guide

Let's get your water pump back up and running!

We've put together this simple guide to help our customers with some basic solar water pumping troubleshooting. We also have some simple cleaning instructions for your water pumps here, however most of these topics are included below. Need some inspiration for water projects using our solar water pump kits? See some examples from our customers here. If you would like to learn how you can increase the size...

Solar Waterfall Project

Solar Waterfall Pump Project on the Balcony

We decided to use the AquaJet Pro 24V Night and Day solar water fountain pump kit to build a small waterfall on our terrace. It was a fun project which turned out beautiful at the end. We also put together another DIY backyard water pond project Solar Pond Aeration & Fountain Project using the AquaJet 24V Pro kit. The final product (without having tubing connected). I decided it made...

Replacement 12v Solar Pump

Replacement 12- 24 Solar Water Pumps

Replacement 12v solar pumps are great for all of your garden, landscape and home pumping needs. Whether you have a standard electric pump that you are thinking of converting to solar, an existing solar pump kit in need of a new pump or are looking for new/additional solar pump kit for your home or garden, our 12v solar pumps are sure to have exactly what you need. We carry a complete line of replacement 12v solar...

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