Portable Solar Power

Do I need to buy a charge controller for an Automotive or Marine Solar Panel?

No you do not.  The panel has a trickle charger installed into it. This means that the panel can lose some capacity in storage due to self-discharge, but with a trickle charger it will replaces lost amp-hours to your battery.  This will ensure a  quick start and extending battery life.

Top 5 Solar Panels For Camping

Camping solar panels are incredibly popular. Today, we depend more and more on our pocket-sized electronic devices for emergencies, to stay in touch with family (or the office) and for our entertainment. When camping, it is nice to have the security and comfort of these devices with us.The best camping solar panels I have found each help me keep one (or more) of these devices up and running when I am out at the campsite.Some of my favorite uses for...

What is a Marine Solar Panel?

A Marine Solar Panel is a solar panel that is made with an anti-corrosive material.  This means it will do well in a highly corrosive atmosphere, such as salt water.  This makes the Marine Solar Panel perfect for a boat or RV.

Is this panel flexible enough to be fitted to the curved roof of my boat?

No, the panel is completely flat and it is not flexible.

Where are our flexible solar panels manufactured?

Our flexible solar panels are manufactured domestically.  This means that they are made in the U.S.   The thin-film solar panels are also manufactured domestically.