FAQ Solar Hot Water

What Is FlowMaxx Solar Piping Used For?

FlowMaxx flexible solar piping is a pre-insulated piping run from your solar collectors to your pump station in a typical residential solar hot water installation.

What Are The Benefits of Using FlowMaxx Pre-Insulated Solar Piping?

The biggest benefits of stainless steel flexible solar piping are a reduction in installation time and cost while still using the best performing products available for your solar hot water installations.

The Pipe Is In BSP, What Is That? Will It Work For Me?

This is standard British pipe threading. Our flexible solar pipe connection fittings are available in 3/4″ and 1″ and converts the BSP to the standard NPT we use here in the United States.

How Much Flexible Solar Piping Do I Need?

A typical residential solar thermal system will use about 80ft of pre-insulated flexible solar piping. That is why our stainless steel solar piping is sold in 80ft and 160ft segments – to ensure that you have enough, but never so much that you waste your money.

Should I try to use Photovoltaics(PV’s) to heat up water or spaces?

No! It would be better off utilizing solar thermal, also known as solar passive, methods which directly uses the warmth that comes from the sun to heat the water and the air. Technically you can use Photovoltaics (PV's), but we highly recommended that you do not! Using PV's as a high energy warming device would be a waste of resources because PV's change the sun's light into Direct Current electricity (DC electricity) at a very low efficiency level, approximately 15%....

Solar Pool Heaters In Canada

Solar Pool Heaters in Canada: Would you like to utilize the cost-free energy to heat your pool so that you can can open it earlier in the season and keep it open later into the season? Are you considering installing a solar pool heater? The steps to take when you are looking for a solar pool heater are as follows: Step 1: The first thing to do is to determine the size of your pool. With that information, you can then calculate...

What are the differences between Solar PV system and solar thermal/hot water system?

Although both solar system capture the energy from the sun, but the ultimate purpose of the system is different. The Solar PV system is to produce electricity. And of couse the hot water system transit water to be hot for swimming pool, domestic, and residential use.

Which Size Solar Piping Should I Get?

Typically, residential solar thermal systems use 3/4″ piping. It is recommended that you use the 3/4″ FlowMaxx solar piping to match. However, if you are using larger 1″ pipe in your home, then you can also use the larger 1″ FlowMaxx dual solar pipe to match this as well.