Solar Water Pumping

How Do Solar Fountain Pumps Work?

Solar Fountain Pumps work very simply.  There are two main types of solar fountain pumps to look at: Solar Fountain Pumps with Batteries: In this type of solar fountain pump, the solar panel charges a battery (6v or 12v) which is used to power the pump.  This allows these solar pumps to operate during the night or on cloudy days. Solar Fountain Pumps without Batteries: In this type of solar fountain pump, the solar panel directly powers the pump.  This means that the...

Do I have to use my battery with the AquaJet Pro 9V Kit?

No you do not.  If you do not want to use the battery, then you can just connect the panel and pump into each other.  People choose to do this because of appearance or because they do not care if the pump does not run longer or more often when not using the battery.

Do Solar Fountain Pumps Work?

Of course.  When installed correctly and with the solar panel placed in the sunlight during the day, solar fountain pumps work great!  All of the solar pumps at Silicon Solar feature high-quality pumps using the latest technology and high-efficiency solar panels.  Additionally, all of our solar pumps are designed to be plug-n-play simple to setup and run - and require little, or no, lifetime maintenance.

I am making my own fountain. What size pump do I need?

The most important rating for a fountain pump is the head rating, or the maximum height that the pump can lift water upwards. This is important for determining whether or not a pump has enough power to physically lift water up a desired height. Normally the pump should be slightly oversized (for example, a 3.5 foot rated pump for a 3 foot fountain) rather than undersized because a nozzle can be put on the pump to reduce flow if...

Can I buy just the AquaJet 9V panel and pump without the battery?

No you can not.  If you want the AquaJet 9v panel and pump than you must buy the whole kit.

How should I clean my fountain/waterfall pump?

Regular maintenance should be performed to help prolong the life of the pump. Over time, debris may become lodged within the motor and impede movement or reduce the effectiveness. To help loosen up or get rid of debris it is recommended to remove the pump from the fountain or pond, remove the plastic cover on the body of the motor, soak the pump in a bucket of soapy water overnight and then let it thoroughly dry.