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Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 9V – AquaJet Pro Kit

Austin Psych Fest

Austin Psych Fest really does provide a psychedelic experience with multimedia installations and art exhibits by local artists. Music festival goers will also find mind-blowing kaleidoscopic projections all over the walls and around them moving to the music. The festival takes the crowds out of this world and into one of fantasy.

Solar DC Disconnects & Switches

A complete line of Solar DC Disconnects and switches, with models for every solar power system.

Solar Christmas Lights

Our solar Christmas lights are just like regular Christmas lights...with two major differences…they are made with high output LEDs, and you never have to pay to operate them, or worry about remembering to turn them on and off every day. Our solar Christmas lights are available in white and multi-color, and can even do all the special tricks that traditional Christmas lights can (flash, movement, blink, etc) and can be installed and running in just a couple of minutes. The Solar...

Solar Wholesale Program FAQs

What is the Silicon Solar Dealer Network? A network of online and brick 'n' mortar stores that resell Silicon Solar's top solar products. What margins will I get from Silicon Solar? Depending on the Level of dealership you choose (Dropshipper, Gold or Platinum) your margins will range between 25% and 55% (depending on the product). Can I sell all of the products on the Silicon Solar website? We are very selective about the products that we allow our dealers to sell. Currently, we have our...

Austin City Limits

As a music festival open to all ages, Austin City Limits brings together artists fit for audiences all across the spectrum from young children to the more mature. They have also brought the beach to you with a large sandy volleyball court, shady tents, misting stations, and lounging chairs. And for those who may be more interested in live sports, there is a hideaway that will broadcast NFL and college football games.