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Wanderlust California

Wanderlust brings together the physical and emotional benefits of yoga and the remedial powers of music. Each event is held in a secluded area where nature thrives and people may find peace from their busy lives. Other activities, such as bike riding, hiking, and kayaking are available, providing a one-of-a-kind experience.

Custom OEM Solar Pumps

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Copper Solar Garden Lights

Silicon Solar carries a nice line of Copper Solar Lights - our copper solar garden lights include some hanging solar lights, some ground-stake solar lights and all look great in every garden or landscape

Solar Garden Ornaments & Specialty Lights

Our solar garden ornaments & specialty are specifically designed to be purely decorative (and a little functional) additions to your garden or landscape. Some of our most solar garden ornaments and specialty lights are:Solar Christmas & holiday lights Solar garden statues and figurines