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When are your PV and SHW trainings? How much do they cost?

For all information on our PV and SHW training dates, prices, and levels please visit our link.

How To Upload & Tag A Document Properly

First, create the correct title for your document.  It is best practice to use the "Brand" or the "Sku" that the document is for, followed by the type of document as the title (see example below):Next, use the "Category" checkboxes to put the document in the correct type (data sheets, brochures, etc) (see example)Tag your document accordingly (see example below)Use the brand name to show the document on brand's page Use the product sku to show on the product's page

How To Embed A Product Video On The Product Page

To start, you should open two tabs in your browser:The YouTube page that has the video on it The Edit product page for the product you are adding the video toStart by going to YouTube and getting the code that you need to use to embed the video within the product page:Click "Share" and then "Embed" on the video page Check the correct settings ("use old embed code" and "use https" & video size with a width of 640px) Copy the embed code...