Commercial Solar Lighting

Solar lights for billboards

Does it make sense to illuminate billboards with solar lights? Do billboard advertisements make sense at all? What are the different possibilities of poster advertising? Find out more about solar illuminated billboards - and what else you should know about billboard advertising. You drive your car over the highway - what do you see left and right? Sure, trees, green, depending on the area, or buildings, but definitely billboards. These make sense if you want to advertise something, be it a product...

What kind of maintenance is involved with solar panels?

Maintaining solar panels is very simple since there is no mobile parts. A few washes a year using a hose to remove dust and debris is all that is needed to keep your panels operating efficiently for decades . It is not recommended to spray cold water on the surface during a hot day because it can crack the cells. Automated cleaners can also be programmed to periodically clean the panels.

Sidney NY Town Sign GenLight System

The town of Sidney, NY is the birthplace of Silicon Solar. Therefore, Silicon Solar founders Adam Farrell and Matt Farrell have donated a third generation GenLight 108LED solar sign light to the town for their town entrance sign. The entrance sign previously had a traditional electric lighting system installed, which costs the town roughly $217.56 a year in electric use charges. Now with the new GenLight 108 LED on their entrance sign they will save $2175.60 in electric costs (this...

Top 5 Solar LED Flood Lights

Solar LED Flood Lights are extremely popular (and getting more so). With the high-cost of electricity, traditional lighting systems and professional installation services for electric lighting systems, more and more home and small business owners are turning to solar flood lights for their security and area lighting needs.Below are 5 of the best solar LED flood lights compared for you. They can be used in a number of applications. Each of these solar flood lights is simple to setup and...

Top 5 Solar Powered Flood Lights

Solar Powered Flood Lights are incredibly popular and affordable solar lights that are ideal for home and business owners looking for a powerful flood light with all the benefits of solar power.  Solar flood lights come in all shapes, sizes and power outputs.Below are 5 of the best solar flood lights that I have come across and tested. Each of these solar powered flood lights is a plug-n-play solar light that can be set up and ready to run in...

What happens if my GenLight 54/108/120 fixture dies before the solar panel does?

If the GenLight fixture stops working but it has been determined that the solar panel is still properly functioning, the battery in the light may have simply expired. The LED’s in our light fixtures are rated to last over 50,000 hours, which translates to over 2000 days of continuous 24/7 runtime. These lights do not die easily! If this is the case then a new replacement battery can be purchased (according to the specific light fixture) and replaced inside the...

What is the arm on the GenLight 54 and 108 fixtures made of?

The rotatable arm on the GenLight 54 and GenLight 108 fixtures is made from steel, which allows it to be welded to frames in order to securely attach it to billboards. However, care should be taken to only weld the rotatable arm, as the body of the light is not made of steel.

What should I do if my light is not turn on at night because of too much ambient light?

If your solar light is not lighting up at night because there is too much ambient light on the street, there is a solution for you! You can simply purchase a photo eye, place it in the shadow of the light and connect the lights to the batteries. That will solve the problem caused by too much ambient light!