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Solar Wholesale Program FAQs

What is the Silicon Solar Dealer Network?
A network of online and brick ‘n’ mortar stores that resell Silicon Solar’s top solar products.
What margins will I get from Silicon Solar?
Depending on the Level of dealership you choose (Dropshipper, Gold or Platinum) your margins will range between 25% and 55% (depending on the product).
Can I sell all of the products on the Silicon Solar website?
We are very selective about the products that we allow our dealers to sell. Currently, we have our best-selling and most popular products available for sale. However, we will continue to add new products on a regular basis and if you would like to offer a specific product, please let your representative know and we will see if we can accommodate you.
How much does it cost to join the program?
There are no fees to join the program. There are, however, minimum required purchases, but there are no fees.
Are there any miniumum order requirements or qty requirements for the program?
Yes, Silicon Solar wholesale dropshippers are required to place an initial order of a minimum of $1000. You do not have to warehouse the product you order however. Silicon Solar will warehouse your product and ship out your orders directly to your customers if you wish…at not additional charge (Amazon charges a minimum 15% per order for their similar service).
Do I need to have a website to sell Silicon Solar products?
Not necessarily. While we prefer to partner with stores that have an online presence, you are welcome to apply and sell Silicon Solar products through your brick ‘n’ mortar store(s).
I do not have an online store, can you help me establish one?
Once you are a Silicon Solar dealer, you will have access to our complete E-Commerce FAQ and Best Practices guide. Additionally, your representative can help you answer any questions you may have about starting, building and running an e-commerce store.
How do I get images and product descriptions for my website? Can I just use the ones on www.SiliconSolar.com?
The main product images and product descriptions are not to be used on your website. If you are found to be using these resources, you will be permanently removed from the program. On each “wholesale ready” product, you will find a tab called “Marketing Materials” – in this tab are images and product descriptions that you may use for your website and promotional materials. Additionally, feel free to take your own images and write your own copy in order to stand out from the crowd.
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