Solar Water Pumping

Do I have to use my battery with the AquaJet Pro 24V Kit?

No you do not.  If you do not want to use the battery, then you can just connect the panel and pump into each other.  People choose to do this because of appearance or because they do not care if the pump does not run longer or more often when not using the battery.

How Do Solar Pond Pumps Work?

Solar Pond Pumps are extremely simple.  First, there are different types of solar pond pumps to worry about.  One, an aerator pump, which pumps air into the pump. The other is a water pump, which moves water around the pond. Whether your solar pond pump is an air or water pump, it works the same way. The solar panel either chargers a battery (which then runs the pump) or powers the pump directly. The pump then does its job, either...