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Solar Battery Chargers

AA / AAA / D / C
Solar Chargers

Travel / Portable Solar Battery Chargers

Compact and lightweight solar battery chargers for AA/AAA/C/D, 6v, 12v batteries while on the go.

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Phone / Tablet
Solar Chargers

Mobile Device Solar Battery Chargers

Compact and lightweight solar battery chargers for cell phones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, media players, etc.

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Solar Chargers

Automotive / Car Solar Battery Chargers

Battery chargers, rechargers, trickle-chargers and maintainers for car, truck and motorcycle batteries.

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Solar Chargers

Marine / Boat Solar Battery Chargers

Solar battery chargers, rechargers, trickle chargers and maintainers for boats, ski-doos and more..

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Sherpa 50
Solar Charger

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Battery Charger

From JFK to LAX, mountaintop to beach scene, keep laptops, tablets and DVD players running for hours.

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Nomad 13
Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Battery Charger

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Solar Battery Chargers Information Guide

Est. Solar Charging Times For AA Batteries
Solar Output AA Rechargeable Batteries Est. Charging Time
3v / 200mA 1pc x 1.2v = 1.2v
AA Battery @ 600mA
2-3 hours
6v / 100mA 2pcs x 1.2v = 2.4v
AA Battery @ 600mA
4-6 hours
9v / 50mA 4pcs x 1.2v = 4.8v
AA Battery @ 600mA
10-12 hours
12v / 50mA 1pcs x 1.2v = 7.2v
AA Battery @ 600mA
10-12 hours

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Silicon Solar offers customers the most efficient solar battery chargers. Our experienced engineering and design staff has created custom-designed battery chargers for powering devices such as radio receivers, lighting, modems and much more.

We carry a large assortment of solar battery chargers and solar battery charger kits that are great for any charging application you may have.

Whether you need something as simple as a pre-made charger for your phone, iPad, Kindle or other electronic device, need a larger solar battery charger for your laptop computer, camera or video recorder or you need a much larger solar battery charger for a remote power or pumping system, our selection of solar battery chargers has exactly what you are looking for.

To the right is a table showing the estimated charging times for a various AA battieres using a variety of solar panels (with various outputs). Please note that charging times may differ from those listed for a number of factors, including:

  • Capacity of the battery
  • Intensity of the sunlight
  • Level of the battery’s discharge

To calculate battery charging times, you can use the following formula:

Time = battery capacity (in mA or A) / solar output (in mA or A)