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SolScape 3X Solar Landscape Lighting Kit (Landscape + Spotlight Fixtures)


  • Commercial Grade Solar Lighting
  • 4 Landscape Light Fixtures
  • 2 Spot Light Fixtures
  • Solar Panel, Mounting & Battery Box


$ 2071.15 $ 1449.80

SolScape 2X Solar Landscape Lighting Kit (Landscape + Spotlight Fixtures)


  • Commercial Grade Solar Lighting
  • 6 Landscape Light Fixtures
  • 2 Spot Lighting Fixtures
  • Solar Panel, Mounting & Battery Box


$ 2708.15 $ 1895.70

SolScape 1X Solar Landscape Lighting Kit with Bluetooth Sound System


  • Commercial Grade Solar Lighting
  • 6 Landscape Light Fixtures
  • Solar Panel, Mounting & Battery Box
  • Bluetooth Audio Ready


$ 3069.05 $ 2148.35

Information Guide



Solar Landscape Light Vs Low-Voltage Electric Landscape Light

Landscape lights are the perfect decoration for gardens and pathways, and also provide safety and security. The two common types of landscape lights are:

Solar Landscape Lights

  • Solar lights use LEDs instead of traditional incandescent lights. LEDs have much longer lifespans than incandescent bulbs while also being brighter and requiring less energy. LED lights are much more resistant to suddenly burning out.
  • Solar landscape lights do not require a professional electrician to install, nor re-landscaping or trenching for buried wire. Because they are solar powered they do not require any connections to your existing electric system.
  • Solar landscape lights are completely solar powered, meaning you will never have to pay for their operation.
  • Without relying on the electric company’s coal-burning plants, solar landscape lights can help to reduce CO2 emissions and keep our beautiful earth clean.

Low-Voltage Electric Landscape Lights

  • Traditional low-voltage landscape lights have bulbs that are easy to burn out and require constant replacement.
  • Due to the wiring of traditional low-voltage landscape lights, wires run all over the garden and through pathways, getting easily broken and tripped over. This means that wiring constantly has to be redone.
  • The built-in timer of these lights needs to be reset whenever daylight savings time rolls around again.

Solar Landscape Lighting Design Tips



Layout and placement of every light fixture is very important when decorating a garden or pathways. Here are few tips that may help you and give you some ideas on how to design your gardens and pathways!

  • Place your panel in the right direction!
    Placement of the panel is crucial, because it directly affects the operation and performance of your solar landscape lights. Usually we suggest placing the panel southward facing, but there are many factors that affect the exact placement of the solar panel depending on latitude and the climate of your area.
  • Variety is important!
    Always keep in mind that using too much of the same style of lights can make the whole garden look very monotone. Using a variety of lighting fixtures can help making your landscape feel much fresher. Utilizing our variety of lights can help to bring more dimensions to an ordinary backyard.
  • Avoid light pollution!
    Placement of the light fixtures should always be thoughtfully planned. Avoid shining lights directly at seating areas or towards your neighbors’ houses. Lights should not be aimed directly at any windows or roads. These are all forms of light pollution which can affect your neighbors, passing drivers, and yourself.
  • Light placement that is too even and balanced is not nice!
    When you place your lights too evenly and symmetrically along the pathways or over your gardens, the setup can look a bit tedious and boring. Try to stagger the lights, or use special patterns and never place them too predictably. Highlight certain areas of the yard. Use your creativity!
  • Quantity is not equal to quality.
    Too many landscape lights on your pathways and gardens can be downright overpowering. To optimize your lighting display, an appropriate amounts of landscape lights should be used. Six high-quality, well-placed light fixture will bring you many years of happiness where ten low-quality lights will not.

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