FAQ Solar Panels & Cells

Can the solar panel be left outdoors throughout the year in all weathers without damage?

In theory it can be left outside all year round, however the manufacturer recommends a bead of silicon around the glass & bezel to ensure water tightness. There is a large indent between the glass and bezel and this would hold water if laid flat, for example on the vehicles roof. Personally I would be hesitant about a flat placement without some extra protection

What is the differences between a Mono-crystalline and Polycrystalline solar panel?

The difference between mono-crystalline and polycrystalline solar panels is that one is produced from a single crystal of silicon and the other is produced from a piece of silicon consisting of many crystals.

What percent of people use solar panel powered technology?

It is difficult to come up with the number of people that are using solar powered technology because generally the amount of electricity produced is what is measured and not how many solar panel systems are installed in homes.

Can I Extend The Wire?

Yes, if you are experienced in cutting and splicing wires, you can extend the wire. Additionally, you can have an expert the wire length for you (a handyman or electrician can easily do this). Note that extending the wire will void any remaining warranty on your product.

Is there any incentives or tax breaks in my state if I install Solar PV?

If there is a tax break or incentive for installing solar PV it depend on the state in which you reside.  Here is a website you can go to to find out all tax incentives and federal programs within your state for renewable energy.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels collect the sun's energy in the form of photons and converts them to DC voltage, which becomes usable electricity.   The DC voltage is converted to AC power through the work of an inverter, which is usually mounted next to your electric panel.  Through a breaker in your electric panel, this AC power is connected to the electrical loads your home receives and uses.

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