Solar Lights

How long does the light take to install?

This light can be installed in under 1 hour. You only need a power drill / screw driver to mount the light figured into the wall.

How long will solar lights run?

The more sunlight the outdoor solar light receives during the day, the longer the run time at night. As most operating times may vary, the average outdoor solar light will stay illuminated for up to 15 hours

What is the diffence between your 102LED and your 50LED white Christmas lights?

The only difference between our 102 LED and 50 LED white Christmas lights is that the 50 LED have 17 feet of lights while the 102 LED have 37 feet of lights.

Top 5 Solar Powered Garden Lights

I love solar powered garden lights!  I have loved them for years.  I got the love from my grandmother, grandfather and mother, who have been using solar powered garden lights for as long as I can remember.  I especially love to mix-n-match my solar garden lights.  Every year, you'll see several different types in my own garden.Below I have dug out 5 of my favorite solar powered garden lights from those that I have used over the years.  Each of...