Solar Battery Chargers

Will the TravelSol 2x and Isol 4x charge my Nook?

Yes, the TravelSol 2x and Isol 2x can charge your Nook.  They can also charge cell phones, ipads, kindles, cameras, and other mobile devices.

If it is raining can I still Charge my battery?

Yes, You cant still charge your Battery using this Device because it is Using the latest in amorphous solar cell technology this panel works even under low light and cloudy conditions.

What is a “dead” battery?

Because most of our solar kits for any application use rechargeable batteries that are charged externally using a solar panel, the question of what constitutes a “dead” battery often comes up. Batteries only store power, and over time their capacity to hold this energy naturally decreases. A battery is only branded as “dead” when it is no longer able to be recharged. Another thing to note is that most appliances will require a minimum voltage to run, which means the...

How long is the typical shelf life of an unused backup battery?

An unused solar backup battery can last well over a year if properly taken care of. Like any battery, one that is left depleted will eventually lose its ability to hold any charge at all. To combat this it is strongly recommended to use a trickle charger to slowly keep a battery charged part way to full. This should be done as often as possible but at minimum once a month to help ensure the life of the battery...

If it is raining can I still Charge my battery?

Yes it will still Charge you battery but you will have to spend a longer time to charge it

Can I replace old batteries when they run their life cycle?

Yes, You can. When you purchase your solar lights, the rechargeable batteries are often already included in the fixture. After 1-2 years (or a matter of months in some cases) it is quite normal to see their performance decline. Once you notice that the lighting time is considerably diminishing and the lights are not as bright as before, it’s probably time to replace your rechargeable

Can I use my own generator, in addition to using solar panels, to charge the batteries in my kit?

Although most of our inverters do support using a generator for power, we do not include generators with our kits. In most cases inverters with one input may have an external transfer switch connected which allow for both the solar panel array and the generator to be connected, and manually switched between. It is strongly recommended to contact the manufacturer of the specific inverter with any questions regarding this. A list of the most common inverter manufacturer’s help lines...