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Utah Solar Tour 2010

Utah Solar Tour 2010 The Utah Solar Energy Association (UtSEA), in partnership with TRA-Mage, Inc., is proud to announce the Utah Solar Tour 2010. This event is an open invitation to students, members of the media and state government officials to the new Solar Educational Park.Currently finalizing construction in American Fork, Utah, this park is designed to inform the public about the latest practical applications in solar technology, including solar tracking, solar racking and solar mounting systems. UtSEA and TRA-Mage,...

Customize your sign light that fit you the best! Silicon Solar’s Genlight X Custom Solar Sign Lighting Kit!

One of our most popular solar solutions is now customizable. Well-liked for it's durability and widespread applicability for lighting billboards, road signs, trees, structures, walls, large area entrances, and pathways, the GenLight X Series now offers you custom sizing options to fit any lighting situation. The GenLight X is a commercial grade solar sign / flood lighting system which utilizes next generation LED, solar, and charging circuitry technology. Silicon Solar has been producing solar sign lights for over 10 years....

What If Solar Energy Got The Same Subsidies As Fossil Fuels [INFOGRAPHIC]


Looking for an innovative billboard/sign lighting system to brighten things up? Go Solar with one of the best, Silicon Solar’s Envirolight Solar Billboard/Sign Lighting Kit!

Can a billboard/sign lighting system really go Solar? And what's so special about the Envirolight Solar Billboard/Sign Lighting kit? Yes, a billboard/sign lighting system can go Solar! The Envirolight Billboard/Sign Solar Lighting Kit will give more than enough light to make your billboard/sign shine bright and clear throughout the dark hours as the Sun goes to sleep . There are many fantastic attributes in the Solar Billboard/Sign Lighting Envirolight that make it an amazing product, the former being one...

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