Commercial Solar Lighting

How to mount the solar flood light?

The solar flood light can be easily attached to any wooden / metal railing / post. You will need to use a screw driver + screws to attach the light fixture.

SunPal Small Solar Sign Lights

Our SunPal small solar sign lights are ideal for all of your small solar lighting needs. We have a variety of specialized small solar sign lights, including our industry-leading solar real estate sign lights. However, our small solar sign lights can be used for any number of small solar sign and solar spot lighting applications. If you need assistance choosing the small solar sign light that is right for your needs, please feel free to contact a solar lighting representative...

What do I need to replace on my solar light?

Typically you need to replace your battery every 3-4 years depending on your climate location. The colder the climate, the more frequent you need to replace your batteries.

How do solar flood lights turn on at night automatically?

There are three main ways that our solar flood lights activate at night, without you turning them on manually:Photo Eye: a photo eye is a small component that senses light. During the day, enough light from the sun hits the photo eye to keep your solar flood light off. However, when the sun goes down, the photo eye senses the darkness and turns the flood light on automatically. Voltage Sensor: a sensor built into the light circuit reads the voltage...

Where are our Genlights manufactured?

Our Genlights are manufactured overseas.  Right now 80% of solar products are manufactured overseas, making it more difficult to  acquire domestic products.

SunPal Solar Lights

SunPal Solar Lights: Our line of SunPal Solar Lights are ideal for Real Estate Agents and anyone who would like a way to help get a property noticed so that it sells as soon as possible. SunPal Solar Lights keep real estate sign visible even after dark. If you are in search of the highest quality, brightest, and most affordable Solar Real Estate Lights available. The Solar Real Estate Light works for signs which are under an inch thick,...

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