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Canada Solar Hot Water Heaters

Canada Solar Hot Water Heaters: When you consider all of the other costs involved with heating water with electric or gas, the solar water heating system, over its life cycle, is at least 20% lower than the other, traditional systems, even though the initial cost for a solar hot water system is higher. If you are building a new home and decide to incorporate a solar hot water system, your savings can be even greater, since the cost of the system can be included in the mortgage.

Solar Radiant Heating Kits:

No matter what size your home or office space might be, or how much of your heating bill you wish to offset, we offer a Solar Radiant Heating kit to meet your needs. All you need to know to select the Solar Radiant Heating Kit which is ideal for your application is the size of the space and the amount you would like to decrease your heating bill. You can get all the major components you will need right here from Silicon Solar.

Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors:

Our Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors are one of the highest quality collectors on the market. Two layers of extremely durable borosilicate glass maintain a vacuum layer, which makes a fantastic insulator. This superior insulation property allows our line of SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Collectors have the ability to generate heat through the winter, even in overcast conditions! These Collectors are the most affordable solar collectors on the market, they will save you money on your utility bills, and they are SRCC certified.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors:

Flat Plate Solar Collectors are great for just about any solar water heating application. They are glazed collectors which feature a selective coating (to maximize the solar heat absorption) as well as weather resistant aluminum framing (to help the collector withstand weight and environmental changes) and interior fiberglass insulation (for increased efficiency).

Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water:

If you are looking for a Solar Hot Water system which is affordable and easy to install, one of the systems to consider is a Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System. These systems are constructed to incorporate our revolutionary SunMaxx Evacuated Tubes. They also feature an integrated Solar Hot Water Storage Tank that mounts directly to the top of the Solar Collector. These systems are Available in both 40 and 80 Gallon models.

Solar Pool Heaters:

Our line of Solar Pool Heaters allow you to open your pool earlier in the season and leave it open later in the season than you would be able to otherwise, whether you live in New York or Southern California. Solar Pool Heaters are easy to install and maintain and they can raise the temperature of your pool 10 – 15 degrees. These heaters are made from high density rubber with a strong thermal layer, which allows the water to get warm and stay warm.

Fafco Solar Water Heaters Hot2O:

Looking for an affordable, efficient, pre-packaged Solar Hot Water or Home Heating System, and live in a climate where freezing and snow accumulation are not a problem? If so, the Hot2O Solar Water Heaters from Silicon Solar may be the right choice for you.

Solar Water Storage Tanks:

The stainless steel exterior of our SunMaxx Solar Water Storage Tanks protects the insulation. The insulation consists of two internal heat exchangers, and an automatic temerature control thermostat keeps stored water at the desired temperature.

Solar Water Storage Controllers:

Solar Water Storage Controllers from Silicon Solar allow you to regulate solar thermal systems consisting of evacuated tube collectors and a solar hot water storage tank. Solar Hot Water Storage controllers regulate the switching on and off of the systems circulator pump in accordance with collector temperature and the storage temperature.

Solar Plate Heat Exchangers:

Brazed Solar Plate Heat Exchangers offer some considerable advantages when compared to traditional heat exchangers. They are widely utilized in heating, cooling, refrigeration, hydronic, steam and industrial processes.

Solar Hot Water Accessories:

Among our Solar Hot Water Accessories, you will find Heat Dumps, Expansion Tanks and all the other accessories you need to get the job done right the first time and make your system last. These accessories include manuals and installation instructions to explain how to add the accessory to you existing solar evacuated tube or flat plate system.

Solar Hot Water Mounting Hardware:

Our selection of Solar Hot Water Mounting Hardware help ensure that yout new Solar Hot Water Collectors are installed safely and securely. We offer a Tilt Mount upgrade for flat or low-pitched roofs, an upgrade to a Extra-Durable Face Frame or Mounting Rack, hardware to mount your Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors on the ground or on a pole, and much more, all at great low prices.

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Systems:

Our line of SunMaxx Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits save your money, time, hassles. These kits are ideal to provide solar domestic hot water to households of 2 to 6 people. They include our industry-leading SunMaxx Solar Collectors and are available with both our SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and Flat Plate Solar Collectors They can also include either Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks or Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.

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