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Pre Packaged SHW Systems

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits

Ready-To-Install DIY Solar Hot Water & Home Heating Systems

With a HelioMaxx pre-packaged solar hot water and heating system for your home, you can cut up to 70% of your hot water / heating bills. Each system is a ready-to-install system that is engineered and tested by our team of solar thermal specialists (just add solar collectors below).

  • Domestic hot water, space heating and commercial systems available
  • Professionally designed, engineered and tested
  • SRCC OG-100 Certified collectors & OG-300 Certified kits

HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water SystemsSRCC OG-300 Solar Hot Water & Heating Systems


Warm Climate Kits

SKU Kit Type Gallons / Day # of People Price More Info

TitanPowerPlus-TSP-AU21-52gal-200L Thermosyphon 50G 1 – 2 You Pay: $ 699.95 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-40G-FP-32FT-DB Drainback 40G 1 – 2 You Pay: $ 2499.95 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80G-FP-64FT-DB Drainback 80G 1 – 4 You Pay: $ 2999.95 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80G-VHP-30-DB Drainback 80G 1 – 2 You Pay: $ More Info

Cold Climate Kits

SKU Kit Type Gallons / Day # of People Price More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80G-27sqft-SE-OG300 Closed Loop 80G 1 – 4 You Pay: $ 6015.00 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80G-54sqft-SE-OG300 Closed Loop 80G 1 – 4 You Pay: $ 7453.00 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80-PTEC-1VHP30 Closed Loop 80G 1 – 4 You Pay: $ More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-105G-81sqft-SE-OG300 Closed Loop 105G 3 – 5 You Pay: $ 9108.00 More Info

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