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Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors

ThermoPower Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

ThermoPower-VHP Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Collectors

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are extremely efficient and cost-effective particularly in colder climates where other Solar Collectors suffer from limited performance and other problems due to their lack of freeze protection. Evacuated Tube Collectors unlike others are extremely freeze protected leading to efficiencies of over 70% even in freezing temperatures. The unique design and collection properties of these collectors make them exceedingly efficient even in low-light conditions which is another definite advantage during winter.

SKU # of Tubes Footprint
(SRCC – C)
ThermoPower-VHP10 10 18.21 13,800 Yes View Details
ThermoPower-VHP20 20 37.42 29,300 Yes View Details
ThermoPower-VHP30 30 56.42 44,100 Yes View Details
ThermoPower-VHP30V1 30 56.42 44,100 Yes View Details

ThermoPower U-Pipe Direct Flow Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

ThermoPower-VDF U-Pipe Direct Flow Evacuated Tube Collectors

U-Pipe, or Direct Flow Evacuated Tubes have several significant advantages over other popular evacuated tube models. First, they are smaller – their lower footprint allows for an increased number of collectors in a smaller area. Additionally, direct flow evacuated tube collectors can be installed directly vertical (for instance, on the side of building) or completely flat against a flat roof.

SKU # of Tubes Footprint
(SRCC – C)
ThermoPower-VDF20 20 26.95 24,900 Yes View Details
ThermoPower-VDF30 30 39.33 36,300 Yes View Details

Why SRCC OG-100 Certification Matters & How ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Collectors Perform

ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors SRCC Performance
SRCC OG-100 Certified Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Our evacuated tube solar collectors are independently tested and certified by the SRCC with OG-100 Certification.

  • Independently verified performance data
  • Unbiased comparisons to other leading evacuated tube collectors
  • Qualfies collectors for 30% federal tax credit
  • Qualifies collectors for most state incentives, rebates and tax credits
  • Gives you confidence in your purchase and return-on-investment

ThermoPower Evacauted Tube Solar Collectors

How Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Work

How Evacauted Tube Collectors Work

SunMaxx 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are designed to efficiently provide hot water for a number of applications in climates and locations across the United States and around the world. SunMaxx customers use the SunMaxx 30 for domestic hot water radiant heating and pool/hot tub heating every day at residential commercial industrial and municipal locations. A SunMaxx 30 provides 58000 BTUs of heating capacity a day under optimum conditions.

How To Assemble & Install

Assembly of a SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collector takes roughly 1.5 hours. Assembly requires only a basic understanding of building pre-packaged hardware kits and can be accomplished with only a few common household tools.

Installing a Solar Hot Water System based on SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors requires basic knowledge and experience in plumbing systems and can be accomplished by customers with a working knowledge of:

  • Sweating copper pipes or pex piping
  • Reading pumping schematics
  • Wiring 120v electric or 12v DC electric pumps
  • Determining if roof is capable of supporting additional weight of collectors (typically not a problem)