0.14W 0.55V 200mA Commercial Solar Cell

0.14W 0.55V 200mA Commercial Solar Cell

0.14W 0.55V 200mA Commercial Solar Cell

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0.55V 200mA Commercial Solar Cell

The 0.55V / 0.14W Commercial Solar Cell is ideal for home and commercial solar applications and solar panel construction of any size. Each Commercial Solar Cell features ultra-high efficiency great durability and is laser-cut to exacting specifications for precision quality control and guaranteed performance.

.20 pounds is the shipping weight.

Item is a thin wafer Very Fragile  as a result is not returnable.

Silicon Solar provides the some of the highest grade Mono-Crystalline solar cells that are available on the consumer market. These cells are cut with laser precision accuracy that guarantees the same cell size from one to the next. Silicon Solar sells these cells in small or large quantities making them an affordable and quality choice for DIY’ers alike. An excellent choice for solar panel customization.

Photovoltaic devices use semiconducting materials to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar radiation which is nearly constant outside the Earth’s atmosphere varies with changing atmospheric conditions (clouds and dust) and the changing position of the Earth relative to the sun. Nevertheless almost all U.S. regions have useful solar resources that can be accessed.


Solar Cell Type:Mono-Crystalline
Voltage (oc):0.55V
Amperage (isc):200mA
Dimensions (metric):7.8cm (L) x 1cm (H)
Dimensions (imperial):3-1/16 (L) x 6/16 (H)


  • Yale University (Solar Panels)
  • AFJ Electronic Division (Solar Cell Research)
  • Quiang Innovations Ltd. (Solar Cells)
  • Design Studio Ltd (Custom Solar Cells)
  • Dartmouth University (UniCells)
  • Sea Launch Program (Solar Cells)


  • All solar cells are tested before each shipment to ensure maximum efficiency and output.
  • Each solar cell is in new condition and not susceptible to micro-cracks a product of scrap or used cells.
  • Our skilled technical staff keeps updated on the newest solar cell technology.
  • High efficiency
  • High output
  • A proprietary anti-reflective coating provides superior color uniformity

Soldering Iron (We recommend having one, you will need it!) 

Flux: We recommend flux for connecting the tabbing material to your solar cells. Without flux soldering can be very difficult!

Interconnection material (recommended for every purchase). This material allows you to interconnect the solar cells together. 

Interested in learning more?: The below book is a simple DIY guide to building your own solar panels, background information guide on solar cells and solar technology. 

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