Solar Cells By The Watt

Solar Cells By The Watt

Solar Cells By The Watt


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How to Order?

Simply enter the number of watts you would like in the quantity field above. Each watt corresponds to approximately 2.5″ x 2.5″. We typically include an additional 10% of solar cells to compensate for different sizes.

Our Solar Cells by the Watt are an easy way to learn how solar energy works while saving time and money at the same time.

Our solar cells by the watt come from our damaged solar cells in production that are chipped/broken into large pieces or have been used for testing experiments.

Each group of broken solar cells are designed for experimentation in the solar realm before
making the large investment in making large PV modules.

  • Use our highly efficient Poly-crystalline solar cells
  • Save $$$ by learning how solar panels are made first hand
  • Used by customers of all ages to construct their own custom solar panels
  • Be smart and test your knowledge before making the big decision

For anyone who is interested in creating their own solar photovoltaic system, Solar Cells by the Watt are the way to go. After you have completed a solar panel and tested it out, gaining valuable experience in solar panel construction and becoming more comfortable with photovoltaics, you should consider going one step further and giving our commercial grade solar cells a try.

In this subcategory you will also find a Solar Cell Information Packet. This offers an easy-to-follow, detailed
introduction into Solar Energy which will help you understand the basics of PV solar technology and teach you how you can make your own solar panel.

Soldering Iron (We recommend having one, you will need it!) 

Flux: We recommend flux for connecting the tabbing material to your solar cells. Without flux, soldering can be very difficult!

Interconnection material (recommended for every purchase). This material allows you to securely connect the solar cells together. 

Interested in learning more? The below book is a simple DIY guide to building your own solar panels, including a background information guide on solar cells and solar technology. 

Need Assistance?
If you have questions, need help, or simply feel uncomfortable placing your order online feel free to contact our product representatives at 1-800-786-0329.

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