Scrap Solar Cells 1 lb

Scrap Solar Cells 1 lb

Scrap Solar Cells 1 lb


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The Scrap Solar Cells 1 lb is currently out of stock. Silicon Solar strongly recommend the 

Solar Cells By The Watt.

1lb of our scrap solar cells is approximately 100-120 Watts of solar cells! That’s less than $0.15 per watt!

A full 1 lb bag of our scrap broken solar cells.  Our scrap broken solar cells are the perfect way to introduce yourself, your children, or students to the world of solar cells and solar power.  All of our scrap broken solar cells are completely functional but were just left over scrap from the manufacturing process.

Our scrap broken solar cells consist of both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline cells – which means you can decide which type of solar cells are the right choice for you.


  • Excellent for soldering experience
  • Excellent for testing purposes
  • Completely functional
  • 1lb of our scrap solar cells is approximately 100 Watts of solar cells!


  • Monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells (percentages not guaranteed)
  • Sizes not guaranteed

Soldering Iron (We recommend having one, you will need it!) 

Flux: We recommend flux for connecting the tabbing material to your solar cells. Without flux soldering can be very difficult!

Interconnection material (recommended for every purchase). This material allows you to interconnect the solar cells together. 

Interested in learning more?: The below books is a simple DIY guide to building your own solar panels, background information guide on solar cells and solar technology. 

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