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28LED Super Bright Solar Flood Light


  • 28 Super Bright Cool White LEDs
  • Full 10 Hour Runtime / Night
  • Flood Lighting, Sign Lighting, Flag Lighting
  • Durable Aluminum Light Fixture


$ 99.95 $ 79.95

Solar Sign & Flood Light with 150 Watt Output / 3 Year Warranty


  • 120 Ultra Bright White LEDs
  • Output (Lumens): 1000
  • Sign Illumination Area (Max): 10 ft x 14 ft
  • Light Output Equivalent: 150W - 250W Light Bulb


$ 450.00 $ 399.95

4.63 (19 ratings)

Outdoor Solar Sign Light for Entrance & Surface Signs GenLight 4X


  • # of LEDs: 6 / Fixture
  • # of Fixtures: 2
  • Lumens: 720 / Fixture
  • Sign Illumination Area (Max): 10 ft x 14 ft for two sides


$ 1189.80 $ 799.00

4.33 (3 ratings)

Wire Extension For S12 Solar LED Spotlight


  • Length: 3m / 9.8 Feet
  • Use with SS-S12 Solar Spot / Flag Light
  • Waterproof / UV Resistent Black Wire
  • Easy DIY Screw-On Connections


$ 14.99 $ 9.99

Wall Mount Bracket For S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight


  • Sturdy Black Powder Coated Steel
  • Use with SS-S12 Solar Spot / Flag Light
  • Mount To Any Flat Surface Or 2 - 4" Round Post
  • Easy DIY Installation Ready


$ 13.99 $ 9.99

4.00 (2 ratings)

Flag Pole Mounting Bracket For S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight


  • Sturdy Black Powder Coated Steel
  • Use with SS-S12 Solar Spot / Flag Light
  • Adjustable With 4 Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Easy DIY Installation


$ 25.45 $ 17.80

4.00 (1 ratings)

S12 LED Solar Flag Pole and Spotlight


  • Illuminates Up To 25 Feet Away
  • Great For Flag Pole Lighting
  • Removable Solar Panel For Positioning
  • 12 High Power Super Bright LEDs


$ 129.99 $ 85.99

Solar Spot light & Flag Light 50W With Ultra Bright LEDs


  • 24 Ultra Bright White LEDs
  • Output (Lumens): 500
  • Sign Illumination Area (Max): 4 ft x 8ft
  • Light Output Equivalent: 50W


$ 159.95 $ 119.95

4.00 (5 ratings)

Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen


  • # of LEDs: 108
  • Lumens: 810
  • Sign Illumination Area (Max): 10 ft x 12 ft
  • Light output equivalent: 150W - 200W Light Bulb



4.00 (9 ratings)

Information Guide

Silicon Solar manufactures and sells a number of great solar flag lights…perfect for almost any size flag and pole. And the best part is, all of our solar flag lights operate automatically every night…turning themselves on and off without you (no maintenance or operation hassles) and they are completely powered by the sun, which means there are electrical charges or installation costs (trenching, wiring, electric system connections, etc) for you to worry about paying.

Our solar flag lights are currently being used by a range of customers…from large government agencies (the US Army, Navy and Air Force) to single family homes who need a reliable, affordable solar flag light.

Our solar flag lights have a customer favorite for years! You no longer need high voltage, high cost lighting systems with buried wires, replacement light bulbs and professional installers! All you need is a solar flag light from Silicon Solar. Whether you need to light a 20 flag pole, or a small 3ft flag in the doorway, we have the solar flag light that is right for you. And, each solar flag light is built with a tough, weather resistant body, high-output LEDs and a high performance, high efficiency solar panel so that it provides years of powerful, cost-effective flag lighting.

Our solar flag lights:

  • light up your flag all night
  • never ever need power cords
  • allow you to have your flag wherever you want, and still have easy access to lighting
  • are bestsellers across the United States and around the world

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