Solar PV Effects of Shading – Solar Energy Lab

Solar PV Effects of Shading – Solar Energy Lab

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Solar PV Effects of Shading – Solar Energy Lab

Silicon Solar’s Solar Energy Labs are a great resource for teachers to utilize while teaching their students about solar energy.  With labs that focus on both solar thermal and solar electric power, you will be able to give your students a great hands on experience with solar energy.

PROBLEM: Can you determine the relationship between the voltage output of the solar PV panel and thickness of experimental “clouds”?
MATERIALS: solar PV panel with alligator clip attachment, 10 sheets of 18” X 11” white construction paper, voltmeter or multimeter, radiation lamp with 150W bulb, meter stick, ring stand with clamps. (Materials Not Included)
INTRODUCTION: This lab will simulate how the solar PV panel is affected by varying amounts of cloud cover using sheets of construction paper to simulate cloud thickness. You will be looking to see if there is a mathematical relationship between cloud thickness and voltage output of the PV panel. While the voltage produced is not the true measure of voltage in this situation, it will show the relationship we are looking for.

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