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Sunmaxx Solar SRCC Certification


Sunmaxx Solar SRCC Certification

Sunmaxx Solar SRCC Certification

Each of our SunMaxx solar evacuated tubes are designed by our state of the art facility utilizing each of our own support staff who have hands on experience installing and perfecting these modern systems.
Silicon Solar does not only provide Photovoltaic modules for your home but also hot water heating. There are primarily two types of solar heating systems for your household: flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. Flat plate collectors have basically one advantage, cost. Evacuated tubes have tall variety of advantages: Fully functional in overcast conditions, cold weather, and the systems are designed for almost anybody to install. Each evacuated tube functions as an individual unit collecting heat and transferring it to the water heat source like a giant thermometer rising to the top.

Because of the vacuum sealed gap, the increase in thermal conduction and convectional losses are rated at around 2% which allows the entire system to operate and temperatures as low as -45°F.

Throughout history the only disadvantage of selling these systems in the U.S. market was the price and United States freight system. Now and just recently, changes have finally been made so that these thermal evacuated tube systems can be shipped across the U.S. fully insured on making it to the customer fast and safely. Not only has the quality increased in packing material but the price significantly. Most solar evacuated tubes sell for around 1100 to 2400 dollars. Now you can get them exclusively through Silicon Solar starting at 6-900 dollars depending on the type of system you choose. An average household may use only one system or several.

Not only will Silicon Solar provide lower price and guarantee safe arrival, they will have on staff actual product specialist who have installed the system and are prepared to step you through the installation process directly with you or your plumber. Our SunMaxx solar collectors have several DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, instructions manuals and images allowing for easy installation process in a matter of a day or two.

We recommend when using solar hot water heating, using our dual heat exchanger hot water tanks for the easy conversion. This allows your back up heating system to work directly with the same water storage that your solar collector will use.
SunMaxx Solar Collectors are now SRCC certified! Each of the SunMaxx 10, 20, 25 and 30 evacuated tube collectors are SRCC certified allowing for you to earn tax credits toward your purchase of any of our SunMaxx solar evacuated tube collectors.

The Solar Rating Certification Corporation ensures that each solar collector is carefully tested and measured consistently to confirm that a standard of comparison is used, product credibility is tested, and performance levels are met to compare against other manufacturers. Silicon Solar as of March 2008 has just been added to the SRCC list and is surpassing its competitors at a higher level of lower in price.

-Silicon Solar Staff

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