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During the peak summer months, the temperature in your attic can (and often does) reach the dangerous temperature of 160F (and higher)…even in northern climates and locations.  Those high temperatures can easily warm up your air conditioning ducts and raise the temperature inside the rest of your home.

Solar ventilators in your attic can help you keep the temperature down, your home cooler, and lower your air conditioning costs for great financial savings.  In fact, a well-ventilated attic will help slash your energy costs in several ways.

Improved air circulation removes hot air from your attic, lowers the temperature and keeps hot air from entering the rest of your home.  It also reduces the temperature of your attic floor as well as your interior ceilings.  All of this will help keep temperatures down and let your run your AC unit less.

Also, during colder months, warm air from inside your home can rise up into your attic, collide with cold air from outside and create moisture.  This moisture can turn into mold and cause severe problems.  Solar ventilators in your attic can easily help solve this problem.

Typical solar ventilators will reduce the temperature inside your attic, and require absolutely zero energy costs to operate…they operate using only the power of the sun.

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