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Solar Cell Book

Solar Cell Book

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Green Guides Energy Book


$ 28.00 $ 19.60

The Solar House


$ 176.00 $ 88.00

The Sun-Inspired House


$ 131.80 $ 65.90

The Natural House


$ 14.95 $ 14.95

4.00 (1 ratings)

Natural Home Heating


$ 132.00 $ 66.00

The New Ecological Home


$ 154.00 $ 77.00



$ 87.80 $ 43.90

Going Solar


$ 131.80 $ 65.90

The Citizen Powered Energy Handbook


$ 96.55 $ 48.30

The Passive Solar House


$ 176.00 $ 88.00

How to Build Your Own Solar Electric House


$ 14.95 $ 14.95

Solar Cell Book


  • Basic Solar PV Introduction
  • Beginner & Advanced Concepts Covered
  • Convenient Kindle Book Format
  • Great For Students & DIYers


$ 5.00 $ 1.95

5.00 (1 ratings)

Information Guide

In 2005 renewable energy made up 7% of the United States energy supply according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This segment was comprised mostly of biomass (50%) and hydroelectric (41%) with solar, wind and geothermal making up the remainder. Silicon solar provides books discussing how to incorporate these systems into personal homes.

Experimenting with Solar:

Scrap solar cells that were damaged or broken but still perform at specified efficiencies can be used as a cheap way to further learn about solar cells, solar systems and how they function as individual components and a whole.

Alternative Energy and design Books:

There are many ways that anyone can conserve energy and these books can help you discover ways you might not have thought of. Included in this subcategory are: “Fuel from Water” by Michael Peavey (a guide to hydrogen fuel technology which even contains diagrams), “Biodiesel” by Greg Pahl, “Natural Home Heating” by Greg Pahl, “The Natural House” by Daniel D. Chiras, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Solar Power for your Home” by Dan Ramsey with David Hughes, and “The Solar House” by Daniel D. Chiras.

Solar Energy Books:

This selection of books related to Solar Energy are great sources for information on everything from the Solar Product market, to what you should know before you go solar, to how to go about building a solar home. Titles you will find in this subcategory include: “The Solar Electric House” by Steven J. Strong with William G. Scheller, “The Citizen Powered Energy Handbook” by Greg Pahl, “Going Solar” by Tomm Stanley, “Practical Photovoltaics” by Richard Komp PhD, “The Sun-Inspired House” by Debra Rucker Coleman, and more.

Wind Energy Books:

If you are in search of information about Wind Energy, our selection of Wind Energy Books is a great source. In this Subcategory you will find the latest information wind energy systems and learn about breakthroughs in wind power versatility, efficiency and economy. Some specific titles to be found within this subcategory include: “Wind Power” by Paul Gipe, and “Wind Energy Basics” by Paul Gipe.

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