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Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are extremely popular as solar batteries for use in solar power systems.  Extremely affordable, reliable and available in a variety of sizes (from the very small to the very large), sealed lead acid batteries continue to be one of the most trusted components in portable, small and off grid solar power systems.

Lead acid batteries where the first rechargeable batteries ever developed…invented by French physicist Gaston Plante in 1859.

Here are the voltages for common use in typical 6-cell sealed lead acid batteries:

  • Open-circuit (at full charge): 12.6V – 12.8V (2.10 – 2.13V per cell)
  • Open-circuit (at full discharge): 11.8V – 12.0V
  • Loaded (at full discharge): 10.5V
  • Continuous-preservation (float) charging:
    • Gelled electrolyte: 13.4V
    • AGM (absorbed glass mat): 13.5V
    • Flooded cells: 13.8V
  • Typical (daily) charging: 14.2V – 14.5V (depending on manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Equalization charging (for flooded lead acid batteries): 15V for no more than 2 hours
  • Gassing threshold: 14.4V
  • After full discharge, terminal voltage drops quickly to 13.2V and then slowly to 12.6V

Sealed lead acid batteries are used in a variety of solar power applications.  Some of the most popular include:

  • Small portable solar charging and power systems
  • Remote & off grid solar charging and power systems
  • Grid tie solar power systems with a battery backup

When using sealed lead acid batteries as solar batteries, it is highly recommended that you use deep cycle lead acid batteries instead of more readily-available and lower cost automotive starting batteries.  The main reason that deep cycle batteries are typically used as solar batteries is that they have thicker plates, which, though they deliver less peak current than a starting battery…but, they can withstand more frequent discharging.

If you need assistance choosing the right sealed lead acid batteries for your needs, please contact one of our solar power specialists today.  You can check out all of our solar batteries here.

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