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PDA Solar Battery Chargers

Silicon Solar offers customers the most effective solar battery chargers like PDA solar battery charger, solar ipod charger, solar cell phone charger, rechargeable batteries, isol plus, isol plus 2x, solar powered batteries. Buy now different types solar battery chargers by visiting our store Silicon Solar Inc.

This category offers innovative solar products that allow you to keep your essential work and life organizer, your PDA, ipod, iphone, almost any low voltage battery device fully charged. All units include two shatterproof solar panels that will quickly charge your PDA's batteries in 1-3 hours.

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PDA Solar Battery Chargers Compact, Efficient And Easily Portable

These lightweight and high-efficiency solar chargers are great for PDAs, cell phones, and other devices.

here was a day when it was no possible to keep your PDA or iPod charged when you were on the go for extended periods or found yourself in a remote location without conventional electricity. Those days are long gone, thanks to our selection of Mobile Device Battery Chargers.

The solar panels which are incorporated into these devices are shatterproof and powerful. They generally require only 1-3 hours to charge your mobile device.

These chargers are also versatile, the iSol Plus, for instance in addition to iPods, is also capable of charging cell phones, cameras, PDAs and other mobile devices.

These mobile device chargers are compact, durable, and completely portable. Best of all, since they utilize the renewable power of the sun to charge your mobile device batteries, they will not harm the environment.

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