TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

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$599.00 $499.00

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TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

The TruPower Portable 500W Solar System is an easy to use and install off grid solar kit that can be used as a back up power source during the occasional power outage or as the sole power source for your remote location where an electrical supply is too costly or difficult to access.

Complete your TruPower Portable System with a 12V lead-acid battery that will meet your power storage requirements (battery must be purchased separately) and the small but highly efficient 90W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel will have the sun powering your computer DVD TV satellite receiver or other household items in no time.

Components of the 500W System include a 90-100W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel Mounting Assembly (wall roof or ground) with hardware two 24LED Strips 500W Inverter 12V30A Charge Controller and all necessary connective wires.

Need more power?   The TruPower 500W Portable Solar System can be expanded using our TruPower Portable Extender and TruPower Expansion Kit .


  • Great for Home or Business Emergency Readiness During Power Outages
  • Can be Used as Sole Power Source for Remote Areas
  • Will Power Most Household Items – Such As Computers TV’s and Satellite Receivers
  • Secure Panel Mounting for Either Roof Ground or Wall•
  • Plug-n-Power Easy Installation
  • Includes two 24LED Lighting Strips
  • Digital LCD Display for Easy Monitoring
  • Water Tight Plug Connections For All Components

What Can It Power? (Run-Time may vary depending on size of battery purchased)

ApplianceWattage (W)Run Time in Hours
Cell Phone1524.0
Desktop PC3001.2
LCD TV1502.4
Radio and Cassette Player3012.0
Incandescent Light (40W)409.0
LED Light (40W)572.0
Straight Fluorescent Light(40W)409.0
Straight LED Fluorescent Light(40W)2018.0
Fluorescent Desk Lamp2415.0


Solar Panel (For More Power)

Solar Extender (To plug in more than one panel)

  • TruPower-Portable-Extender
Solar Charge Controllers (If use more than 2 90W panels)
  • TruPower-CContr-12V7A
  • TruPower-CContr-12V30A
Solar Batteries (Recommended on average usage for 500W system)


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