TravelSol Plus Portable Solar Phone Charger

TravelSol Plus Portable Solar Phone Charger

TravelSol Plus Portable Solar Phone Charger

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$49.95 $29.95

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TravelSol Plus Portable Solar Phone Charger

The TravelSol Plus allows you convert the unlimited power source – Solar Energy to charge you mobile devices while you are on a trip or there is a power outage. The TravelSol Plus is a lightweight and compact USB solar charging kit that can easily fits in your backpack and messenger bag.

The TravelSol Plus combines 3 solar panels which is 10 .5 watts in total. The TravelSol Plus comes with a 2500mAH lithium battery which allows you to charge you devices even there is no sunlight available or at nighttime.

The TravelSol Plus has two built-in standard USB ports for directly plugging your USB compatible mobile devices. There is a small pocket which can fits your mobile devices in, so that you can place the devices inside the pocket while you charge it through your solar panel.

*Charge iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad,camera , Navigation tablet computer and other similar electronic products directly without the battery or as a power source to recharge the batteries for use in AA or AAA battery powered devices,or recharge the power bank battery.



  • Has Overcharge, Discharge, Over Current, and Short Circuit Protection
  • Charge using the Sun or a USB connector
  • Major brand mobile phone adapters
  • Charging and discharging indicators

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