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Solar Fountains

View All Cascading Solar Fountains

Cascading Solar Fountains Beautiful Sight & Sound

Cascading solar fountains add a great look and sound to your garde, patio or anywhere in your landscape

Tricycle Fountain

Tricycle Fountain

Sku: AquaJet-SF-Tricycle

You Pay: $ 56.95

View All Floating Solar Fountains

Floating Solar Fountains For Ponds, Pools & Any Other Water Feature

All-in-One floating solar fountain with the solar panel powering the solar pump directly resulting in eco friendly water flow and aeration

View All Solar Birdbath Fountains

Birdbath Solar Fountains A Win For You And The Birds

Why not combine the elegant and natural look of your outdoor garden patio with a new eco-friendly solar birdbath

Solar Fountain Information Guide

Silicon Solar manufactures a variety of Solar Fountains including several pre-packaged water fountain kits

Simply place your solar panel outside and let the sun do the rest! Solar water pumps have been around for several decades and have proven their reliability and ease of use.

Whether you are looking to power your small landscaping fountain or provide water for your livestock, we will have a solution for you.

How Solar Water Fountains Work

On a bright sunny day, the sun covers the earth in approximately 1,000 watts of solar energy per square meter of the planet”s surface. The energy that is displaced is either reflected by the surface or absorbed. When the energy is absorbed, you will notice the area becomes warmer. When it is reflected, the area is cooler it will still seem warm and the energy is re-directed at the angle it hit the surface. If a solar panel is within the area, the panel will absorb the energy and convert it to electricity.

The solar panel is made from photovoltaic cells. These cells have their own construction. Solar cells are made from a material that acts as a semiconductor. This material is most always Silicon. Silicon is a non-metallic element that is sensitive to light. When you combine silicon with boron or phosphorus, in a process called Silicon Doping, the additional element creates an imbalance within the silicon atoms that makes it even more sensitive to light that allows a photovoltaic reaction to occur. This reaction is the sun”s light being converted to energy.

Solar panels will reach their peak wattage output at or around noon. Different factors can negate this. Atmospheric disruptions such as cloudy weather can interfere with the panel. These “disruptions” can cause your pump to stop working if it requires total solar power like the AquaJet Fountain pump or you may see a reduced operating period if you choose a pump with a nightpack. The surrounding conditions can also negate power flow to the pump. If you are placing your panel in an area that is shaded for all or part of the day you may see the same conditions. Any shadow that is fixed or can move across the solar panel as the sun moves across the sky will also hamper the panel”s ability to operate fully.

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