Travel Solar Battery Charger

Travel Solar Battery Charger

Travel Solar Battery Charger

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$28.60 $14.95

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TravelSol Charger AType: The new affordable TravelPal solar powered battery charger is designed to charge your AA and AAA batteries. This small compact unit makes it a must have travel accessory. This charger is built in battery box to allow for easy insertion of 4 batteries (4 AA’s or 4 AAA’s). A built-in overprotection circuit prevents battery overcharge.

This travel solar battery charger is light and compact making it the ideal choice for on the go use at the campsite on the road or just to have at home to save on money and replacement batteries. With a built-in battery meter solar panel and room for 4 AA or AAA batteries at a time the Travel Solar Battery Charger will help keep your batteries charged your electronic devices operational and your life connected no matter where you are.

This charger is excellent for charging batteries for CD players MP3 players palm pilots and more!


  • Charge 4 AA or AAA batteries
  • Small compact easy-to-store
  • Compatible with either NI-MH or Ni-Cad
  • Light to carry
  • Tilting Sun Power Meter
  • Meter lamp head for reading or other misc task
  • Fast-charging


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