1V 200mA OEM Solar Panel

1V 200mA OEM Solar Panel

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SolMaxx OEM 1V 200mA: OEM Solar Panels: These OEM Solar Panels from Silicon Solar are designed and manufactured to industry standards producing conversion efficiencies of 13% and are built using the latest encapsulation technologies available in commercial solar module construction.

The 1V 200mA OEM Solar Panel is perfect for any small solar applications or products that you are creating. Additionally because of their small size and low price the OEM Solar Panel is ideal for schools colleges childrens’ groups and any other solar educational application.

Specializing in small and large production runs we are capable of fully customizing solar panels for your specific needs in addition to the panels noted below. Encapsulation consists of non-yellowing acrylic 1/8 fiberglass board with solder pads on the back.


  • High density crystalline solar cells
  • Custom manufacturing available upon request


  • Voltage (oc): 1V
  • Amperage (isc): 200mA
  • Wattage: 0.2W
  • Length(longest side): 3.31inches
  • Width: 2.56 inches
  • Depth: .06 inches

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Weight209 lbs
Dimensions3.31 × 0.06 in


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