Solar Cells

Commercial Solar Cells100mA .55V
200mA .55V
500mA .28W
2500mA 1.38W
1400mA .77W
1000mA .55W
6000mA 3W
3500mA 1.93W
400mA .22W
300mA .17W

Silicon Solar carries a huge selection of both solar panels and solar cells – virtually guaranteeing that we have the right solar panels or solar cells for whatever solar application you need.

A solar photovoltaic (PV) cell is an electrical device that converts the energy of the sun directly into electricity. Solar cells are the building blocks of solar panels.  Multiple cells in an integrated group, oriented in one plane, constitute a solar PV panel.

Here you will find a wide range of solar cells that all come with the option of including tabbing or not, as well as other products that can assist you with your solar cell applications.

Soldering Iron (We recommend having one, you will need it!) 

Flux: We recommend flux for connecting the tabbing material to your solar cells. Without flux soldering can be very difficult!

Interconnection material (recommended for every purchase). This material allows you to interconnect the solar cells together. 

Interested in learning more?: The below book is a simple DIY guide to building your own solar panels, background information guide on solar cells and solar technology. 

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