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Pre-Packaged Kits Solar Collectors Storage Tanks Accessories & BOS

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits

Ready-To-Install DIY Solar Hot Water & Home Heating Systems

With a HelioMaxx pre-packaged solar hot water and heating system for your home, you can cut up to 70% of your hot water / heating bills. Each system is a ready-to-install system that is engineered and tested by our team of solar thermal specialists (just add solar collectors below).

  • Domestic hot water, space heating and commercial systems available
  • Professionally designed, engineered and tested
  • SRCC OG-100 Certified collectors & OG-300 Certified kits

HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water SystemsSRCC OG-300 Solar Hot Water & Heating Systems

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water & Heating Systems

Kits With Flat Plate Collectors

SKU Kit Type Gallons / Day # of People Price More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-50-ETEC-FP20-2 Closed Loop 50G 1 – 2 You Pay: $ 2625.00 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80-ETEC-FP20-4 Closed Loop 80G 2 – 3 You Pay: $ 3450.00 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-105-ETEC-FP20-5 Closed Loop 105G 3 – 5 You Pay: $ 4500.00 More Info

Kits With Evacuated Tube Collectors

SKU Kit Type Gallons / Day # of People Price More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-50-ETEC-VHP20 Closed Loop 50G 1 – 2 You Pay: $ 2775.00 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-80-ETEC-VHP30 Closed Loop 80G 2 – 3 You Pay: $ 3750.00 More Info

HelioMaxx-Pro-105-ETEC-VHP20-2 Closed Loop 105G 3 – 5 You Pay: $ 4500.00 More Info

Go Solar For $0 Down Today!

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Get A Solar Hot Water System With $0 Down Today!

With Silicon Solar Flex-Pay Financing, you can reduce your gas or oil bill every month with a HelioMaxx Solar Hot Water System.

Just fill out the quick form to the right and one of our solar thermal professionals will help you get started today!

Solar Financing Savings Chart

High-Performance Solar Collectors

Evacuated Tube & Flat Plate Collectors

Our popular ThermoPower evacuated tube and TitanPower flat plate solar collectors from SunMaxx are professionally engineered to deliver maximum performance and return on your investment and independently tested and OG-100 Certified by the SRCC for quality assurance. Any of our collectors are the perfect addition to our HelioMaxx pre-packaged solar hot water and heating kits.

  • Flat Plate & Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
  • SRCC tested & OG-100 Certified for quality and performance assurance

TitanPower Flat Plate Solar CollectorsThermoPower Evacuated Tube Solar CollectorsSRCC OG-100 Solar Collectors

Evacuated Tube & Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

SKU Gross Area Aperture Area OG-100? Price More Info

TitanPower-ALH26HP 25.35 ft2 23.65 ft2 Yes You Pay: $ 695.95 More Info

TitanPower-ALH32HP 31.19 ft2 29.93 ft2 Yes You Pay: $ 685.00 More Info

TitanPower-ALH40HP 39.79 ft2 37.47 ft2 Yes You Pay: $ 775.00 More Info

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

SKU Gross Area Aperture Area # of Tubes Price More Info

ThermoPower-VHP30 56.42 ft2 32.11 ft2 30 You Pay: $ 1425.60 More Info

ThermoPower-VHP30V1 56.42 ft2 32.11 ft2 30 You Pay: $ 949.00 More Info

Residential Solar Storage Tanks

High-Efficiency Storage Tanks For Solar Systems

StorMaxx solar hot water storage tanks are industry-leading solar thermal tanks designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency. Our most popular models; StorMaxx PTEC and StorMaxx SE are built to use boiler backup and electric backup systems respectively.

  • Capacities to meet all typical household hot water needs
  • Indsutry-leading design, manufacturing and materials

StorMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks

StorMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks

Our Most Popular Solar Storage Tanks

SKU Capacity Backup # Heat Exchangers Price More Info

StorMaxx-SE-80-1HX-EE 80G Electric 1 You Pay: $ 1767.75 More Info

StorMaxx-SE-119-1HX-EE 119G Electric 1 You Pay: $ 1960.20 More Info

Accessories & Balance-of-System

Glycol, Expansion Tanks, Controllers & Pump Stations

All of the accessories and balance of system components you need to complete your solar hot water or heating system installation. Our bestsellers include bio-based solar glycol, digital controllers, solar thermal pump stations, expansion tanks and more.

  • Professionally engineered using the latest components
  • Designed to simplify and speed up correct solar thermal installation

SmartMaxx Digital Solar Thermal ControllersUniMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Stations

Solar Hot Water System Accessories & Balance of System

Our Most Popular Solar Hot Water Accessories & Components

Glycol Solar Heat Transfer Fluid

SKU Volume Base Materials Price More Info

XMaxx-GLYCOL-XT-05G 5G Sustainable, Bio-Based You Pay: $ 79.95 More Info

Pre-Insulated Flexible Line Set

SKU Length Diameter Price More Info

FlowMaxx-BSS-34in-80ft-19mm 80ft 3/4″ You Pay: $ 799.95 More Info

Line-Set Connectors

SKU Connections Material Price More Info

FlowMaxx-BSS-34in-BSP-NPT-Male 3/4″ BSP x NPT Brass You Pay: $ 13.95 More Info

Solar Hot Water Controllers

SKU System Type Temp. Inputs Price More Info

SmartMaxx-Pro-XL6D Combi 10 You Pay: $ 1003.20 More Info

SmartMaxx-Pro-M2 Domestic Hot Water 3 You Pay: $ 265.20 More Info

Solar Hot Water Mounting Hardware

SKU Mounting Type Qty / Collector Price More Info

ConnectMaxx-ALH-HP-TM-1 Tilt / Free-Standing 1 You Pay: $ 59.95 More Info

ConnectMaxx-ALH-HP-RM-1 Rail Mount 4 You Pay: $ 59.95 More Info

ConnectMaxx-ALH-HP-FM-1 Flush Mount 1 You Pay: $ 59.95 More Info

Solar Hot Water Mounting Rails

SKU Length Use With Collector Price More Info

ConnectMaxx-ALH-HP-1T-6FT 6ft TitanPower-ALH26HP You Pay: $ 24.95 More Info

ConnectMaxx-ALH-HP-1T-8FT 8ft TitanPower-ALH32HP You Pay: $ 29.95 More Info

ConnectMaxx-ALH-HP-1T-10FT 10ft TitanPower-ALH40HP You Pay: $ 29.95 More Info

Myths About Solar Hot Water

1. Solar Hot Water Is Unproven & Unreliable

The reality is that solar energy (particularly solar hot water) is the oldest and most reliable form of renewable energy available. While PV (solar electric) systems are currently the most prevalent, solar hot water and solar heating systems are quickly catching up and increasing popularity. Because of their simplicity, reliability and low cost, solar hot water systems are fast becoming a popular choice with home and business owners in all climates (even cold and cloudy northern climates where solar hot water systems significantly outperform solar PV and other renewable energy systems).

2. Solar Hot Water Systems Don’t Work In My Area

Actually, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about solar hot water. Our solar thermal partner company, SunMaxx, has been designing and installing solar hot water and solar heating systems in northern climates (like Upstate New York, Maine and more, for nearly a decade). When the sun is out, these systems produce hot water in any climate…even during the winter time.

3. Solar Hot Water Systems Are Too Complex

Actually, solar hot water systems are incredibly simple. The solar collectors heat a mixture of glycol and water, which is used to heat the water within your hot water heater / storage tank. A simple controller handles all of the operations of the system. And, if not enough hot water is being produced to meet all of your needs, your current water heater will kick on automatically to take up the slack.

4. Solar Hot Water Systems Are Too Expensive

Simple solar hot water systems can actually cost as little as, or around the same amount, as a new traditional water heater. When you take into account Federal and state incentives as well as any additional rebates you qualify for and the energy savings over the first year, a solar hot water system can actually have a lower 1-year cost than a new gas or electric water heater.

5. Applying For Tax Credits Is Too Complicated

Actually, this is really simple. Federal credits and most state incentives can be applied right on your annual income taxes, and your SunMaxx Certified installer can help you identify the correct forms. To ensure that you get the most out of your rebates, you may want to have your usual accountant ensure that everything is tallied and itemized correctly.

6. All Solar Hot Water Installers Are Equal

The reality is that, like in everything, there are good solar installers and bad solar installers. To ensure that you get a great professional installation, Silicon Solar can help you locate and work with a SunMaxx Certified solar hot water system installer. SunMaxx has trained and certified more 3,000 of the nation’s best solar thermal installers over the past 5 years and now you can take advantage of this nationwide installer network to maximize the benefit from your new solar hot water system.

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