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Building the Right Foundation

We specialize in the testing of integrated solar products and small to medium-size solar electric and solar hot water modules. If you are looking to sell your product in the United States or Europe, it’s important your product meets local regulation and standards for performance and safety.

Conducting accurate performance tests is an important part of our work here at Silicon Solar. We see this as an opportunity to not only ensure your product’s quality, but to also give you confidence knowing your solar-integrated product is ready to hit the market or make its debut in a new installation. Our testing process covers a range of issues so that we can accurately assess your PV system’s long-term performance.

What We Can Test

OEM Solar Panels

We can test small (less than 100W) solar panels for electrical, mechanical, and fire safety.*

Potted Solar Panels

If you are incorporating solar panels into a sub-assembly or a custom housing, our teams can perform in-lab standard testing in additional to our own in-house empirical testing facilities we’ve developed over the last 20 years.

Finished Product Testing

Have an entire finished product assembly with ICB which needs to be tested? Let our team help you with performing the required testing, including testing which conforms to UL, CE and ANSI standards.

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Accelerated UV Testing

Make sure your product can standard the harsh condition of the sun! Our accelerate UV testing ensures your plastics, encapsulation, and sealants can withstand the test of time.

From our experience, it’s common that most materials experience fatigue and performance degradation when incorporated into a finished product, compared to their listed ratings. Let our team help save you the hassle of expensive recalls and warranty claims.

Thermal Shock and Heat Cycling

It’s important to understand how your product will respond to unexpected weather or thermal changes, especially since most solar systems must be installed in exposed, outdoor settings in order to receive sunlight.

Through thermal shock testing, or temperature cycling, we will expose your product’s thermal chambers to alternating low and high temperatures. In a PV heat damp test, on the other hand, we place your solar panels in a humid, high-temperature environment. Through this test we can identify whether your system will have problems with corrosion or de-lamination.

Electrical Performance

We will inspect your product’s electrical performance in the final phase of our thorough testing process.We can conduct electric loading simulations, short circuit testing, and digital multi-metering for voltage tests.

Our goal is to characterize the electrical performance of your photovoltaic solar system and ensure the long-term performance and success of your product.

Testing Engineering Team

Witold W.

Senior Engineer

Witold is responsible for complete solar system engineering and has worked in energy engineering for 10 years.

Jakub S.

Design Engineer

Jakub is an energy engineering student in Poland and has one year of experience working in innovative designs.

Konstantyn L.

Industrial Engineer

Konstantyn has a background in mechanical engineering and works on product design.

Chris D.

China General Manager

Chris has been a vital team member for over 10 years, responsible for manufacturing and supply chain partners.