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TruPower Portable Extender

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Our TruPower Portable Extender combines the power output of multiple solar panels or solar kits.

Using universal input and output connectors simply place your solar panels in parallel and the TruPower Portable Extender ensures your voltage will stay constant while combining the amperage
capability of up to 8 solar panels. Use the output port to direct power to a battery or a Silicon Solar 12V7A or 12V30A solar charge controller cigarette lighter adapter or alligator battery clamp adapter (battery controllers and adapters sold separately.)

The TruPower Portable Extender works with 12V or 24V panels and includes two screws for secure mounting.

For optimum results Silicon Solar recommends that each individual solar panel connected to the TruPower Portable Extender have similar voltage level and not exceed 125W (12V system) or 250W (24V system).  The maximum input current for each individual port is 8 amps and the combined amperage should not exceed 30 amps. Total combined power for a 12V system should never exceed 500W. Total combined power for a 24V system should never exceed 1000W. For higher output systems please utilize multiple TruPortable Extenders. 

Caution: Danger of fire hazard if above max limit is not followed.

Please Note: The TruPower Portable Extender is not waterproof and must be placed in a dry well-ventilated area.


  • Works with 12V or 24V Systems
  • 8 Universal Input Ports
  • 1 Universal Output Port
  • Use Output Port to Direct Power to Battery or Charge Controller (sold separately)
  • Use Output Port to Direct Power to Cigarette Lighter or Battery Clamps (sold separately)
  • Includes 2 Screws for Secure Mounting



  • It is 7” (H) x 7” (W)
  • Product is Not Waterproof
  • Must be Placed In Dry Well-Ventilated area.
  • Adapters Sold Separately



Solar Panel Kit (To use with this product)

Solar Charge Controllers (If you use more than two 90W panels)

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