TruPower Portable Solar Power Add-On Kit 85A -90A


TruPower Portable Solar Power Add-On Kit 85A -90A

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TruPower Portable Solar Power Add-On Kit 85A -90A

The TruPower Portable 85A-90A is a solar add on kit that can be added onto your existing TruPower Portable 500W solar starter kit by using a TruePower Portable Extender solar combiner.  The TruPower Portable 85A-90A is used for expansion of your solar power kit to support your increasing need for more power from the sun.

The TruPower Portable 500W solar starter kit functions by using the solar panels to convert sunlight into DC electricity.  The electricity is then sent to a battery.  The battery acts as a storage device so that you will have power available even when there is no sunlight.  The inverter will draw power from the battery and convert it from 12VDC to 220/110AC.  The charge regulator is connected between the solar panel and battery and will control the charge and discharge process therefore the battery will always work within a proper range.

The complete portable solar system will function better and generate electricity more efficiently when there is more sunlight hitting the solar panels.  Cloudy days weather conditions dust/dirt on the solar panel and incidental shading can decrease the performance of your solar panel.


  • Small sized solar panel with high efficiency
  • Easy assembly


  • Mono-crystalline solar panel 85-90W
  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame on panel
  • 2 triangle mounts for mounting assembly
  • 10 screws with nuts for mounting assembly
  • 7′ of connect wire on panel for connection of charge controller
  • 20′ of Extension Wire
  • 1′ of Tinned Wire

Note:  The maximum power output our solar power kit can handle for a 12V battery system is around 500Watts.

Solar Panel Kit (That this product is an add-on for)

  • TruPower-Portable-500W

Solar Extender (To plug in more than one panel)

  • TruPower-Portable-Extender

Solar Charge Controllers (If using more than 2 panels)

  • TruPower-CContr-12V7A
  • TruPower-CContr-12V30A

Solar Batteries (Recommended on average usage of 500W system)

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