HelioMaxxDB Drainback DHW Kit – 80G / SDB (Collectors Not Included)

HelioMaxxDB Drainback DHW Kit – 80G / SDB (Collectors Not Included)

HelioMaxxDB Drainback DHW Kit – 80G / SDB (Collectors Not Included)

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$7,246.55 $2,688.00


HelioMaxxDB Drainback DHW Kit – 80G / SDB (Collectors Not Included)

The HelioMaxx SDB system was designed to bring the simplicity of drainback systems together with some of the better characteristics of pressurized systems to create the easiest installation on the market. Our newly released 3rd Generation System is even more efficient in its design, components and function.

Our StorMaxx SDB Drainback/DHW Tanks are made with extremely durable materials with a high tech titanium steel/porcelain enamel bond that is expected to last 15 years or more. Our spirally augmented copper coils allow extremely efficient heat exchange within the tanks. Our outer jacket made from painted alloy steel provides a very clean look to the system. We use polyurethane insulation for maximum heat preservation.

***We have Flat Plate or Vacuum Heat Pipe Collector models. However, the collectors are not included in the kit, therefore simply contact one of our sales representatives at 1.800.786.0329 for assistance.***

HelioMaxx SDB System Features:

  • High Quality, One Tank SystemPre-Assembled for Fast Installation
  • Efficient – Only One Pump to Run, Only One Tank to Heat
  • Hot Spring Heat Exchanger
  • Fully Automated Drainback Controller
  • Long Life Wilo Pump
  • Works with Tap Water
  • System Requires Little Maintenance
  • Save Time and Money on Installation
  • Multiple Sizes to Fit Most Homes and Small Offices
  • Mixing Valve for Anti-scald Protection

Tank Specifics

  • Titanium Steel, Plasma Welded Inner Tank
  • Porcelain Enamel Lined, Baked at 1650°F
  • Features a 5 Year Warranty with Expected Life of 15 Years or More
  • Two Inches of Polyurethane Insulation R=15
  • Premium Alloy Outer Jacket
  • P/T Valve
  • Magnesium Anode Rod for Corrosion Protection
  • Temperature Sensor Ports for Accurate Readout
  • Available in 80 and 120 gallon
  • One Heat Exchanger Coil
  • Heat Exchangers are Spirally Augmented Coils for Extremely Efficient Heat Exchange

Main Kit Components:


Additional information

Weight209 lbs
Dimensions0.00 × 0.00 in
# of People


Solar Collectors Included

No (Universal for all SunMaxx Collector Type)

Designed Domestic Hot Water Production (G/day)


Auxiliary Heat Source


Design Hot Water Temperature (F)


Required Installation Time

1-2 days (depending on experience)

Solar Storage Tank Area Required

23" x 69"

Wall Space Required for Pump Station


Kit Required Power Supply

120v 60hz, 10A (Max)

Can do DIY Install?

Yes (we recommend Authorized Installer to Assist)

OG-300 Certified



Made in USA


SunMaxx Solar


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