Gridmaxx 7.5Kw GridTie Kit

Gridmaxx 7.5Kw GridTie Kit


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7.5 Kilowatt Grid-Tie Solar System:
TruPower SMA 7Kw: With
the rising costs of electricity from most electrical utilities around
the country more and more consumers are looking to offset a significant
portion of their energy needs. While conserving energy is a viable
often practical method there is only a limited amount of conservation
that can be made without severely altering your lifestyle or cost of
living. The best alternative is a Grid-Tied Solar Energy System which
can be sized to provide any percentage of your electric needs saving
you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on electric costs.

Typically a Grid-Tied Solar System will pay for itself completely
in energy cost savings in under 15 years. With today’s Federal and
State Incentives and Credits for Solar Energy Systems and net metering
laws it is possible that your Grid Tie kit could pay for itself in 5-7

The 7.5 Kw Grid-Tie Solar Kit from Silicon Solar Inc is a perfect
system for those looking to offset a portion of their energy needs and
save money every day as they rely less and less on their local utility
grid for their electrical needs. The 7.5 kw includes most major
components needed to begin installation immediately including solar
panels inverter with built in combiner and AC/DC disconnect optional
mounting hardware documentation and installation instructions. We also
provide wire with connectors for interconnecting the panels into proper
strings and connection to the inverter. All equipment grounding
including solar array and AC wiring after the inverter must be provided
by the installer.

Please Note: Most state laws and utility company’s require a
master electrician or certified PV installer to install these systems in
order to be eligible for state and federal incentives along with being
able to net meter.


  • Solar Module: 230 W (product specs found HERE)
  • Module Dimensions: 64.96 in x 39.06 in
  • Number of modules: 33
  • PV Array size: 604 sq ft
  • 10awg OutPut Wiring
  • 240Vac output voltage


  • 230 W High Efficiency solar modules
  • Field tested optional mounting hardware
  • Low low price per watt
  • Clean efficient energy
  • 7.5 Kilowatt PV array
  • Environment friendly
  • SMA Sunny Boy 7000US Grid Tie Solar Inverter (product specs HERE)
  • Inverter has built in combiner with AC/DC Disconnect
  • Simple installation

Optional Array Mounting Hardware
Silicon Solar offers 2
types of roof flush mounting hardware for most of the prepackaged
gridtie kits portrait and landscape. Some kits do not have a landscape
option so only portrait would be available in that instance. By default
these systems do not have array mounting hardware included into the
package unless you select it from the options dropdown above. So if you
wish to have mounting hardware included please be sure to select which
type. If none of the mounting options work for you please contact a
sales executive so that we can make one to fit your needs.

Mounting Specifications

  • Designed for trussed 24 inch spread roof system
  • Made for standard asphalt shingled roofs
  • Compatable with heavy snow regions
  • Sized for wind speeds up to 120mph
  • Portrait layout: 438.7in x 197.95in
  • Landscape layout: N/A

These systems and their mounting hardware are shipped via frieght
and have a 2-3 week lead time. Please ensure that you have ample time
between placing your order and the start of your installation.

Need Assistance?
If you have questions need help or
simply feel uncomfortable placing your order online feel free to
contact the product representative at 1-800-786-0329 or send a Support Ticket.

If you have any questions about a Grid-Tie Solar System for your home
or office please feel free to contact one of our National Sales
Representatives Today


Additional information

Weight 209 lbs
Dimensions 242 × 72.00 in


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