12v pump with capacitor and spade terminals


12v pump with capacitor and spade terminals

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The 12v Pump with capacitor which can be used in multiple DIY applications. These pumps contain spade terminals instead of the traditional waterproof connector which allows for direct wiring into the junction box on back of an existing solar panel.

This innovative brushless solar pump eliminates the time-consuming and costly repairs and replacements which often crop up over the lifespan of a standard water pumps. These brushless series water pumps offer a reliable long lasting solution to your pumping needs.

If you have questions about compatibility with a product you purchased from a different vendor please contact customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that this brushless pump comes with pre-soldered spade terminal connections. These are not meant for use with our Aquajet kits. For replacement aquajet pumps please see Replacement 12V Solar Pump.



  • Lightweight
  • Powerful 12v pump
  • 2 fountain heads included
  • 10′ Length Cord

Not Sure Which Solar Pump You Need?

Solar Pond Aeration

Pond Size (G)Min Pump (GPH)Recommended Model
30 – 10050 GPHAquaJet-Pro-Kit-9V-V1
100 – 200100 GPHAquaJet-Pro-Kit-12V-MedOutput-v4
200 – 400200 GPHAquaJet-Pro-Kit-12V-MedOutput-v4
400 – 700350 GPHAquaJet-Pro-Kit-12V-MedOutput-v4
700 – 900450 GPHAquaJet-Pro-Kit-24V-V1

Water Fountain Solar Retrofit Pump (Retrofit your existing water fountain)

Water Fountain HeightRecommended Model
5-20 InchesAquaJet-Kit-6V-v2
21-30 InchesAquaJet-Pro-Kit-9V-V1
31-46 InchesAquaJet-Pro-Kit-12V-MedOutput-v4
47-55 InchesAquaJet-Pro-Kit-24V-V1
Taller?Call Us we can help custom size your water pump requirements

Building a Solar Waterfall?

Waterfall HeightWaterfall Est GPHRecommended Model
5-20 Inches200AquaJet-Pro-Kit-12V-MedOutput-v4
21-30 Inches200AquaJet-Pro-Kit-12V-MedOutput-v4
31-46 Inches300AquaJet-Custom-Kit-24V-V1
47-55 Inches300AquaJet-Custom-Kit-24V-V1
Taller?Call Us we can help custom size your water pump requirements

Note: we recommend speaking with a sales representative before ordering a solar pump system for your waterfall due to the variations in types of waterfalls.

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