10 Pack 5×5 Commercial Grade Solar Cells


10 Pack 5×5 Commercial Grade Solar Cells

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Commercial-grade, laser-cut solar cells with all of the accessories you need to build your own solar panels or your own small solar projects. Each cell is poly-crystalline and 5″” x 5″” with an efficiency of 16.64%.

The Complete Kit Includes

  • 10 3″” x 6″” Solar Cells
  • 200ft Tabbing Wire
  • 20ft Bus Wire
  • Flux Pen
  • Wire And Junction Box

These Solar Cells Are Great For

  • Science Fair / School Projects
  • Classroom Lab Projects
  • Projects for Children’s Groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scourts, 4-H, etc)
  • A Weekend Learning Activity With The Family
  • DIY Tinkerers
  • DIY Solar Products (Battery Chargers, Lights, etc)

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Weight209 lbs


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