GridMaxx Grid Tie Solar Panels

Check out all of our GridMaxx grid tie solar panels. These grid tie solar panels are ideal for creating grid tied solar power systems for homes, businesses, government buildings and much more.

Our grid tie solar panels are available in mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline models, ranging all the way up to 230w in a single module. By combining multiple grid tie solar panels together in series or parallel, you can create a grid tie solar power system large enough to meet any demand.

Each of our grid tie solar panels are designed to provide 20 years, or more, of power, efficient and cost-effective solar power to ensure a fast, complete and high return on your investment. If you are interested in a complete grid tie solar power system, you may want to check out our complete pre-packaged grid tie solar kits, which include everything you need for a complete, hassle-free installation right out of the box.

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