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Do I have to use my battery with the AquaJet Pro 9V Kit?

No you do not.  If you do not want to use the battery, then you can just connect the panel and pump into each other.  People choose to do this because of appearance or because they do not care if the pump does not run longer or more often when not using the battery.

Does using solar energy or using solar products help increase the national energy security of the US?

A big Yes! The Department of Education calls the amount the US produces their own oil, Field Production. Statistics have shown that the total percentage of field production in the US will decrease and the total percentage of dependence on oil imports will increase in the years to come. For example in the year 2000 the US had in Field Production only about 35 percent of its oil, but 5 years later the number has decreased to 28 percent. Along with this...

What is the difference between “Watts” and “Lumens”?

Though light bulbs have traditionally been measured in Watts, today, manufacturer are now required to provide Lumens on the packaging for lights. Watts is the measurement of how much energy the light bulb will draw. However, this really has nothing to do with how bright a light bulb will be. Lumens, on the other hand, is a measurement of brightness. With a rating for Watts and for Lumens on a particular light bulb, you can determine how efficient your...

Do Solar Fountain Pumps Work?

Of course.  When installed correctly and with the solar panel placed in the sunlight during the day, solar fountain pumps work great!  All of the solar pumps at Silicon Solar feature high-quality pumps using the latest technology and high-efficiency solar panels.  Additionally, all of our solar pumps are designed to be plug-n-play simple to setup and run - and require little, or no, lifetime maintenance.

Thank You For Contacting Silicon Solar

Thank you for your inquiry! You should get an automated email from us confirming your request! Our staff are available from 9AM-6PM EST, and will be contacting you shortly! If you have an urgent request, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1.800.786.0329   Sunny Regards, The Silicon Solar Team!

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Sidney NY Town Sign GenLight System

The town of Sidney, NY is the birthplace of Silicon Solar. Therefore, Silicon Solar founders Adam Farrell and Matt Farrell have donated a third generation GenLight 108LED solar sign light to the town for their town entrance sign. The entrance sign previously had a traditional electric lighting system installed, which costs the town roughly $217.56 a year in electric use charges. Now with the new GenLight 108 LED on their entrance sign they will save $2175.60 in electric costs...

Silicon Solar Cabin Solar Kits Take You Off the Grid, Save You Money, and Make You Eco-Friendly!

Ready to go green with your cabin? Installing a solar system to power your cabins, cottages, remote homes, and hunting lodges, etc. will keep your remote space eco-friendly and save you more than a couple bucks. The Cabin Solar Kits from Siliconsolar are designed to completely kick the electrical grid system out of the door and out of your wallet. These solar kits are tailored to meet your exact energy needs in order to take your cabin off the...

Do I need to buy a charge controller for an Automotive or Marine Solar Panel?

No you do not.  The panel has a trickle charger installed into it. This means that the panel can lose some capacity in storage due to self-discharge, but with a trickle charger it will replaces lost amp-hours to your battery.  This will ensure a  quick start and extending battery life.

Top 5 Solar LED Flood Lights

Solar LED Flood Lights are extremely popular (and getting more so). With the high-cost of electricity, traditional lighting systems and professional installation services for electric lighting systems, more and more home and small business owners are turning to solar flood lights for their security and area lighting needs.Below are 5 of the best solar LED flood lights compared for you. They can be used in a number of applications. Each of these solar flood lights is simple to setup...

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